What a crazy and chaotic year!  Yes, this has been a time of transition and transmutation.  We have all had our share of loss and transition this last year.  In my observation, it has been a dark night of the Soul on a collective global level.

Now I’m going to take this time to focus on the blessings of the past year and how consciousness has expanded in this global collective consciousness.  Many of our experiences can look bad in the beginning but as we look back in reflection we realize many diamonds of wisdom were re-birthed and formed along the way.

It has become more apparent through these times of non-movement and sequester that our planet is motivated mostly by Money.  It seems to be more obvious that money has become the driving force of our existence. This recent experience has forced us to take a look at our priorities and values.  Money it seems has taken priority over our health, self-nurturing, our balanced lives, families, and our time.  This in turn has depleted our connection to nature and the source of our soul’s evolution.  We have set aside the most important values in life and life itself; our health in the pursuit of money.  So let’s look at the positive side of this insight and what has this year been for you in the awakening process.

So what blessings have you experienced during this last year?  How did you transmute the negative into a positive in your own life? Were you spending more quality time with family and loved ones who were in the same mindset as you?  Did you use this time to be creative, getting to things that have been shelved for years?  Cleaning, organizing, and building.  Spending time out in nature and exercising more than usual?  Did you learn about boundaries and your own truth that lies deep within your soul?  Was there more awakening that you experienced during this time from a broader mindset?  Were you able to get a glimpse of the Divine Plan for humanity’s awakening?  I would love to hear your feelings and experiences of this timeline as a global species.  How do you feel about all the separation and hatred that has risen during this time?  Can you still envision unity consciousness?  A DNA Upgrade will help to retrain the brain back to your original 12 strands of your Divinity and unity consciousness.  Through Theta brain wave hypnosis you will release cellular memory from old wounding, patterns, and programs that you have carried for a lifetime.

Since I view everything from the Divine Plan and a higher vibration of existence, I have continued throughout this year of 2020 and beyond to assist others through their stress, confusion, and anxiety at the best of my ability while also experiencing my own virus dark night family experiences.  So many ask, “What should I do?”   “How do I process this?”  “Why is this happening?” So many questions and not many clear answers to this 3D matrix program. This is the cleansing and the purging of the collective consciousness to move towards mass awakening.

My connection to Source and my own liberation of my soul guides me along my own journey.  I AM protected and guided; watching miracles unfold every present moment marching ahead through the days and months. I advise others to be the detached Observer during these confusing times.  If you want to continually raise your vibration and pursue your soul’s evolution towards a 5th-dimensional ascension, I can help you with some guidelines.

  1. Stop watching main stream TV, especially the News.  It is all fear based mind control and propaganda that will keep your consciousness concentrating on fear and at a low vibration.  Just keep informed with the basics and try not to fixate on the fear.  Find alternative information sources on the internet through critical thinking journalism that has been referred or that you resonate with.  Be very careful and discerning, being more open minded as an Observer.

Of course, don’t believe anything you hear until you are satisfied with enough proof, your own experiences or a strong knowingness of intuition. It is a time to do your own research before you compromise your own health.  Even then, we can be tricked with all the distortion, filters and confusion.  Even the New Age movement and spiritual information can be very deceiving.  All the systems in the world have been hijacked, distorted, and programmed. We have all been lied to about our entire history and existence; so we are in a time that we must follow our hearts, our Souls, increase our intuition and our Connection to Source.  Stay with movies and series that are light hearted and educational.  Stay away from the dark, evil, and demon entertainment sources to maintain a high vibration.

Here are my daily practice suggestions for my clients:

  1. Heal the Soul-Have some kind of daily practice of protection & meditation, connecting to Source.  If this is new to you start with baby steps.  Start with only as many days as you can at first. Coordinate with your personal schedule. Consider a DNA Upgrade- DNA Activation – Quantum LifeSource
  2. Daily Tools – Quantum LifeSource
  3. Heal the Body- Quantum Wellness and Nutrition – Quantum LifeSource
  4. Heal the Mind-Retrain your brain to be mindful-Remember to watch your thoughts, jumpstarting them from a negative loop which will sometimes dive into a downward spiral of  lower frequencies of victimhood.  You can shift this by Self- Nurturing activities.  If you need to Feel some of the old pain to heal then a good sad movie will help you to process.  Otherwise to jumpstart to a higher frequency start with doing those things that bring you joy.  Such as walking and playing with your animals, walk on the beach or in nature, a good comedy or heartwarming movie, or a candlelit soothing bath or massage.  Be Creative and determined.
  5. During these times; which are still ongoing in some countries, be sure to have boundaries with people or friends who have drifted apart from your belief systems or mindset in this moment.   Always be neutral and understanding and gently detach. It is not the time to get into fights, arguments or think you are going to change someone’s mind.  Only exchange your thoughts and beliefs if someone asks or you know they are on the same page.  The transition is taking place for Humanity’s Awakening and for some that is challenging as they hold on to what they feel is secure.  We must remember that to ascend and move into higher frequencies, we must release all FEAR!   Some must experience deep dark loss of control before they will awaken.  At this time all darkness and evil must be revealed and come into our awareness before it can be healed.  This is called the shadow-self.  We must come to know that the contrast of darkness is a part of creation, the collective consciousness and ourselves. We must forgive this shadow without and within the vessel before we can raise up into higher dimensions of light and return to Creator Source.  Be Grateful, Be in Forgiveness of Self and others, Be Love, Express Love, Be the Change you want to see in others.  As we concentrate on our own evolution, we change the world.
  6. UPGRADE 12-Strands DNA- by activating the 12-Strands of your DNA we start the process of retraining your brain into high dimensions of your light Body. In turn, remembering your Divinity.  This will continually raise your vibration and help to shift your consciousness.  DNA Activation – Quantum LifeSource
Awakening Heart & Mind

Thank you for reading my blog, we will dive deeper into the subjects  of how we can co-create the new earth in my next blog.  Love to hear your feedback.

Victoria -Helping One heart at a Time!


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