Train to Heaven- Mcloud Ganj, Dharmsala

Train to Heaven- Mcloud Ganj, Dharmsala

Train to Heaven- Mcloud Ganj, Dharmsala

So we hopped an overnite train to Dharmsala.  We had our own bunks and actually it was decent. imageYou fall asleep & wake up at your destination.  So plugged in to my music & Meditations to fall asleep to.  Thank you God for my extensive variety of music & guided meditations I had from years of downloading for all my Mediatation Groups & workshops.  imageWhen we awoke we almost missed our stop. As we were departing we met a awesome young Indian couple.   Their names were Neha & Amrit.image I actually thought  Neha was a foreigner because her english was so good.  She turned and laid on a big smile and that was the beginning of a week long fun relationship. image They were 20″s, young, bright innovative Indians in the radio and television industry.  We got a whole new perspective of the upcoming educated New Age Indian generation.  They were very connected to all the internet information and knew what was going on in the world politically, metaphysically and spiritually.  imageThey were very informed and we had endless deep conversations with lots of jokes and laughter during our time together.  So refreshing and enlightening about the future of India and how they want to help make changes in their country.  So we shared a 3-hr cab ride up the mountain to Dharmsala and then to McLeod Ganj in the Himalayas where we all got a hotel room at the infamous Green Hotel.  Many of the hotels are named after the colors they are painted. Lol   imageLots of exploring together & great food.  They stayed for a week and then had to go back to work and we ended up staying for 5 more weeks!!!!image

We went to Norbulinka Monastery.  Which was absolutely beautiful with gardens, a cafe and a Temple.  imageimageimageWe were fortunate enough to to be at the perfect divine timing to hear a group of Buddhists Monks doing puja’s, playing their instruments and chanting.   imageUnfortunately I can’t post video’s on this blog but I did post on Facebook if you would like to go to my Victoria Simoneaux page & scroll down feed to play.  Exceptional!!! imageWe meditated on the floor in the temple and enjoyed the intoxicating  vibration of the Monks till they were finished.  imageAfterwards, I was talking with one of the Monks who had visited California last year and we had a nice connection. He said they only do this type of chanting once a month for World Peace and we just so happen to be at the right place at the right time!!  Like I said, Divine Timing!!

Our first week was finding all the organic & good food restaurants & exceptional terrace views.  imageAlso finding all the healing modalities, Kundalini classes and referrals you get when you start asking the foreigners.  So my first experience was visiting the Tibetan Dr. Yeshe Donden who use to be the the main physician to the Dalai Lama.  imageHe also founded the MenTseeKhang Tibetan Clinic that is now all over India.  Sanjay had been to visit him several times over the years and had many things cured by him that were repercussions of his chemotherapy & radiation 7 years ago.  You have to wait in line for hours and it is a roll of the dice whether you get to see him or not. We walked into  a room full of Indians waiting in line and consulted with his Manager and were seen by the Dr. in 40 minutes.

Thank God again to Sanjay’s know how & connection and also being a foreigner helped.   I know that my entire healing findings and connections were Divinely orchestrated by Spirit and I just kept being led to the right people, places & modalities.  Before I left Encinitas, I prayed and Intended each day for 6 months that my journey to India would be a spiritual unfolding of increasing my consciousness & vibration. Also a great intention to heal my Sciatica & my blurred vision in my right eye.  The Dr. felt my pulse, examined my eye with an instrument and said the scar tissue Will dissolve over time without surgery???  He gave me 2 months of Tibetan herbal medicine and I have total faith in this entire process that is unfolding.  Then we were guided to the MenTseeKhang Clinic.  imageFor 2 weeks I received these super hot herbal baths, followed by a Tibetan hot oil deep tissue massage & acupuncture.  I also learned how to administer the treatment to others for when I return home.  Sanjay was also on this regime. He also experienced the steam bath inside a box unit.  Unfortunately, he experienced a severe detox because of the past chemo.  The Dr. said he was having a Metal detox and he is on medicine for a year to clean out his system completely.  He was in bed very sick for 2 weeks and that was difficult but he was lucky to have me as his caretaker with all my past experience.  He slowly recuperated and got stronger.  I slept a lot because all the treatments were exhausting & I was also processing out the toxins from my cells. Fortunately, I have done many previous detox’s, so my recovery was only sleep.  A very healing environment this Magical Mountain village of Mcleod Ganj.  So much love for this Tibetan town.image

Speaking of the Tibetan’s, what a wonderful people and tribe.image image  A people displaced and had to escape their country over the Himalaya’s in winter conditions.  Many died in the process.  I will write an entire blog on their plight and their demeanor.  Compassion, kindness & love. It shows in their everyday smiles, gentleness and joyfulness.



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