There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting

My Daily Tools

IMG_0980 (2)Over the years I have learned many different exercises, visualizations and techniques. These techniques,  I call tools are for assistance with awakening.  They are given to us and designed to change and shift consciousness while increasing vibration in the Bio-Energy Field.   As I have discussed on the Home Page, through Deliberate Intention, combining emotion, focus and belief you can use these tools daily,  creating a regular habit that will speed up shifting your consciousness, purification and protection.  The tools I have listed are the ones I have found to be the most profound and effective.

Everyone is Unique and Magnificent,  with different ways of approaching life.  We all have different perceptions and opinions.  So I am sharing my own daily intentions that have helped raised my vibrations through the years.   I invite you to choose what tools resonate with you and incorporate them into your own daily life.

wake up
I Invite you to wake up every morning with a sense of purpose in your Heart.  With a big smile on your face; ready to face the day Grounded, strong and steadfast.  I usually start my Daily Intentions before I get out of bed, but on the days that time is not on my side, I will complete them in the shower, car or any time in the day that is convenient.

If you will click on to each highlighted Tool it will take you to the individual page where the process is described in detail.  Read these first to understand the complete exercise.


I start with surrounding myself & the planet in the Violet Flame.  Then I Ground with the Hara energy.  Repeating 3 x  holding the breath at the top- The Great Central Sun,  Saying in my Minds Eye or outloud-” I AM QUANTUM, I integrate my Divine God Self into (exhaling back down to earth’s core) my 5-D crystalline form.   On the 4th time I bring the Hara energy down from the Sun and up from the Earth at the same time, merging in the Heart placing my hands over my heart.  Repeating the above intention at the same time.  On the exhale opening my arms out to the world;  I intend for the grounding energy to go out to the world.

Secondly, I repeat out-loud “I intend to have a One-derful, Magnificent, Prosperous & Loving day with joy in my heart,  spreading happiness to everyone I meet.”
“I be, do,  act, think and speak in only loving and positive ways.
“I drink  Conscious Water every day Intending to fill all my cells with optimum health and eternal youthfulness.”

I repeat 4 x “I AM the Quantum Conscious Self-Healing Master of every cell, molecule & atom in my body.”
I repeat 4 x  “I intend every cell of my body vibrates at joy, peace & harmony”
I repeat 4 x  “I intend Quantum Mastery”   Quantum Mastery =love, balance & healing.

I then do a quick Platinum Cylinder exercise and finish with the “Merkaba Protection.”  Then I meditate and listen to the Quantum K at some point throughout the day on earphones.

Quantum means multi-dimensional essence ever-changing bringing in the highest vibrations of love, balance & healing.

Meditation can be any time sitting, walking or laying down quieting the mind.  For beginners a Guided Meditation is best starting with 10 min and increasing over time.