The Isha Foundation-Sadhguru

The Isha Foundation-Sadhguru

The Isha Foundation-Sadhguru

We took a train to Coimbatore, in southern Tamil Nadu.  The Ashram of Sadhguru.  I had no idea what I was about to experience!  I had been a follower of Parmahansa Yogananda in my earlier years so I knew about Guru’s.  I had chosen to follow my own path & have a direct relationship with the Divine as I grew in metaphysical expansion & knowledge.  So when my buddy Sanjay said you have to see this Guru/Teacher in person & visit his ashram, I wasn’t too thrilled about another long train/bus ride out of the way of our final destination.  So I told him I needed a reference of who Sadhguru is.

Sure enough, he is so popular & famous, many of His talks & events are on youtube.  So before we made the reservations & decision to go, I listened to a few of his talks on youtube.  As I was listening to him speak I was lying on the bed being in full resistance when an electrical current came into my body causing my entire body to vibrate & my surrounding auric field to buzz for 2 hours while I listened to his amazing wisdom pouring through me.  He is a big advocate of quantum physics & speaks about science merging with spirituality similar to the Daili Lama. Well that sold me enough to want go check out this Intense & humorous Teacher.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to be at the ashram around our time frame but Sanjay said the Ashram was an experience in itself. So we went for 5 days. IMG_1254 After we landed in Coimbatore by train we took a bus out to the countryside  30 minutes out of town in the country to the Isha Foundation Ashram.  Along the side were palm tree groves.  This was the entrance to the Ashram.A little history & introduction to Sadhguru:

“This life for me is an endeavor to help people experience and express their divinity. May you know the bliss of the Divine.” – SADHGURU

A beautiful Man with a huge smile & playfulness, he draws you in with his intelligence, innocense & humor.


This is the view when you enter the ashram. A gigantic statue of Shiva in front of a huge hallway with stairs leading up to a plaza.  At the bottom of the stairs from the top of the plaza is the mens baths.

The baths are long & have 3 lingums in the pure waters made out of copper & surrounded by brick walls & a copper roof. You can visit the baths as often as you like throughout the day receiving electrical vibrations & downloads. Pictures of baths below Amazing!

images (5)



images (6)

This is what the giant hallway looks like when Sadhguru is on the premises giving a course or talk.

images (4)

images (2)

Then when you walk out the back of Pavilion you are greeted with

a beautiful lotus pond.   IMG_1274

Crossing the plaza towards the giant bull named Nande, which is Shiva’s ride.


There is another beautiful hallway below leading into a brick dome which houses the 15′ Tall Giant Lingum & yoni statue.  The Lingum puts off a frequency & is the largest in the world. This was Sadghuru’s earlier mission to build.  The ceiling is copper and the acoustics are breathtaking along with the high vibration within the dome for the twice daily ceremonies with indigenous Indian music, singers and instruments. Each ceremony is 15 Intense minutes of bathing in the frequencies that will pierce your soul.  You look forward to each precious meditation within the dome twice a day.

images (1)IMG_1298 (1)

The grounds are Magnificent!! The one room studios where you stay are simple, clean & comfortable.  You are fed 3 Indian vegetarian meals a day.  They also have a cafe on site with other treats and a Gift store with many different souvenirs, books & clothing.  They also have an ayurvedic clinic, pharmacy & rejuvenation spa where I received an ayurvedic massage on a wooden table.  They have different events & studies daily you can attend.  There is so much to see & experience. The ultimate experience would be a course with Sadhguru teaching!!  I read sadhguru’s biography while I was there and gave me insight into his life.  My stay was a daily dose of energy frequencies recalibrating my auric fields through release, activations & downloads.  You walk around in a trance and experience much fatigue while processing the energies.  I wish we could of stayed longer. I will return.  It took awhile to anchor in the new state of consciousness and I actually didn’t realize how much I had changed till I was experiencing certain situations in Thailand.  All in all a life changing experience I would recommend to seekers.  Sadhgu is touring the US for 2 years starting 2016. Onto the next venture.

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