The Daili Laima’s Temple & Museum

The Daili Laima’s Temple & Museum

The Daili Laima’s Temple & Museum

We spent an afternoon exploring the Daili Laima’s Temple & Museum.  imageLearned so much about his life and the details of his escape.  You hear stories over your lifetime and see documentaries but being in this environment pierces your heart with compassion & a deep love for Him.  So much respect & love for his plight & his love for his people.  image imageWe weren’t allowed beyond the gate of his home due to the security. There are armed guards that actually make you stand to the side of the front of the gate.  image imageHe is constantly being sought after by the Communist Chinese to assasinate & spread disinformation regarding his authenticity of being the 14th Daili Lama. The Chinese claim he is a fraud and have placed their own communist Daili Lama in Tibet!!

In the Tibetan Museum was the Ancient history of Tibet from 683 BC. imageThe horrendous story with photos of the fight against the Communist Chinese overthrow in 1949 and the treacherous refugee’s journey across the Himalaya’s. image image

This area, McLoud Ganj was given to the Tibetans by treaty from India back in 1959 after the Daili Lama’s escape in winter conditions through the Himalayas. He had to escape urgently in the middle of the night before the Chinese had him killed at an arranged meeting the next day with the Chinese takeover government at the time.

What many do not know is that since 2009 many Tibetans & Monks who still live in Communist Tibet have been lighting themselves on fire to protest against their slavery. They do it in hopes the world will hear their cries to help free Tibet. No media is allowed inside Tibet. Such desperation mixed with bravery.imageIt is another heartbreaking situation in the world. The Tibetans are such a sweet & loving people without hatred. They only want to free their people. When you experience the actual photos from the 50’s of the slaughter & persecution of the Tibetans; also seeing the destruction of all the Buddhists temples and holy sites in Tibet, it just rips your heart out.  It is literally mind blowing; how war regarding land & religion across the globe is so destructive and disrespectful of our worlds ancient history and spirituality.  We as Americans are so fortunate; so far, to be in a safe homeland.  On the other side of the spectrum, so many young minds in america are so deprived from global ancient knowledge.  It would be the best education for any college student to travel across the world to get a global perspective & education on the Truth about our planet & its history.

The Daili Lama’s teachings of discipline in their spiritual practice, kindness & compassion is really displayed in the everyday smiles & actions of the Tibetan people.  The people are friendly, warm and have a great sense of humor.  They have a deep love & devotion for the Daili Lama & their hometown.  image image

The vibration of McLeod Ganj was so heartfelt & welcoming it just embraced me in love, healing and much wisdom.  This was my favorite place in India.

It was a wonderful day full of new knowledge and understanding but with a heavy heart for the Tibetans.image


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