DREAMS DO COME TRUE

Gifts of Prosperity

    I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria over the last several months. The work done with Victoria has had a powerful impact on myself and my energies. Through working with her a lot of my old stuck energy and past addictions have been release and have dissipated away.  Her genuine care and passion towards her clients well being is very evident and appreciated. She constantly makes a strong effort to follow up on my well being and is always reliable with following up on education to send through.  She goes over and above for her clients and it is not hard to see and feel that she is the real deal. Doing it for the love of healing, and only charging for the necessity of living.  I am very grateful that my search brought me to her door.

Shannon Curtis-  Fin Analysis/Cryptocurrency                        September /2019 Australia

Working with Victoria through the DNA activation and the ancestral lineage clearing has been a beautiful blessing. I previously had worked a lot on myself and I was amazed at the good clearing I still needed and did together, pealing more layers to get lighter and freer and more connected to my true nature, Source, and talents. Victoria is amazing at guiding, supporting and clearing what does not serve any longer someone’s purpose. I feel blessed that our path crossed and thankful for having a new sister in my Soul family.  Italy  June/2019

Elena Puntaroli-Author of 3 Conscious Books/Founder of Education of Light


I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria for over a decade.  I call her my “energy healer” when I describe her to other people. I usually have instant results after our sessions together. She has helped me go so deep and has helped me awake and become enlightened.  She has helped me through some very tough times in my life. She has transformed my energy over the years and helped me get very clear about what I want out of life including finding my soul mate and true love.

San Diego 2009-2019    Leslea Meyerhoff, AICP, Principal Summit Environmental Group,

I was honored to meet Victoria during a women’s spiritual retreat that she coordinated in Bali in August 2018. Upon first meeting her, I felt an instant heart and soul connection and an immediate sense of her gifts as an intuitive and powerful healer.  I remained in Bali for several weeks following the retreat and was blessed to be able to spend sacred one-on-one time with Victoria, during which time I received two personal quantum healing treatments from her. She has developed an incredibly powerful program in which she delivers the utmost gentleness in care to identify and reach the depths of those places most in need of healing. I experienced major shifts in awareness and healing through her loving guidance and have since completed several more sessions, each one identifying more trauma and clearing more dense energy while continuing to upgrade my DNA and guiding me with new tools and practices to assist in my overall alignment and maintenance of a higher vibration.  My heart will be forever grateful to this beautiful and loving teacher, lightworker and master healer who has so graciously devoted her time, energy, extraordinary abilities and love, profoundly enhancing and accelerating my ascension journey. Thank you precious angel! Namaste.

Kathy Keith   Mt. Shasta Ca./ Global E.T. & Sacred Site Researcher   Bali 2019-Continued coaching till now 2020

 I wanted to take the time to write a wonderful testimonial telling everyone what a life changing experience you have given me. I feel as though I have my life back after years of being in darkness. For a very long time, I have searched for help trying to get back on the light body path, but to no avail. Since meeting you on 11/11/18, you have helped me to clear and cleanse my past, heal and transform into a new being. I am never alone, you are always by my side giving me guidance and encouragement to become the greatest version of myself. Since meeting and working with you, my abilities are returning and my spiritual awareness has gone through the roof. My psychic abilities and lucid dreaming are also returning. I feel brand new and alive for the first time in many years. Words could never express my love, appreciation and gratitude to you for your caring nature and being the great healer that you are. I look forward to a lifetime of working with you and healing the world.        Much Love and Light Always

Rose Johnson/Spiritual Counselor & Psychic/ North Carolina           2018-  till now 2020 Continued Coaching & sessions

Thank you for sending the message below…..truly resonates with me!  I have experienced  Victoria’s  Breath and Bowls workshop….It was a very kick ass event for me as it turns out.  Didn’t feel that much until the next day and then wham !!!  Super headache…lots of emotional crap kicked in….daddy/mommy etc…..Then this morning, everything started to become clearer than ever before….began a forgiveness process (like the one talked about below) of self and others….such clarity of thought and intension….profound…. thank you  Even my breathing is different….I have become more aware of how I hold my breath in tension and have been letting go and breathing deeper….especially while I work.        Christena  St. James -California  March 2018

This woman! A new dear friend & soul sister in my life!  Not only did she personally nurture each of us she hadn’t even met yet arranging from Bali, where she lives, arranging so many of our travel details & giving us tips prior to, she picked the most fantastic hotels for us to all stay at in Ubud & Uluwatu, made unforgettable day trip excursion plans to waterfalls & cacao ceremony in a pyramid & restaurants & more, AND, she was my main source for paying her on Venmo & she’d take out Rupiahs for me when I traveled to Bali with credit card & cash MIA. She’s one of the strongest, positive, joyful & fun women I’ve been blessed to spend time with. It was my honor to give her an Energy Station tune up at the end of our retreat to revitalize her natural energy & love up on her, and I got to do it outdoors in this setting at our resort. SO grateful for all of it.I love you!

Rebecca Heartfly-Bali August Retreat 2018             Cranio Sacral Practitioner S.D.


I was living in Dharamshala at the time I met Victoria. I remember seeing her light radiate through the streets. She seemed like a familiar soul, one who caught my attention and actually drew me in to experience her work. As an Energy Healer myself, I hadn’t ever sought out other energy-based healers but know the value in the work. I knew I needed some extra assistance working through what I was experiencing at the time which was fear to the parasites that felt like they were sucking away my life force. I felt depleted and low in energy. I remember feeling like I was a victim as a host to the parasites. This became my healing process to empowering my being and overcoming victim consciousness that became an unfolding in several months of unwinding patterns and beliefs. I believe Victoria was influential in the process of that unfolding to open to awareness, even if I may not have seen or understood that at the time. I think the work has lasting effects. She works beyond the dimensions of time and space and I believe that’s where healing generational patterns like “victim consciousness” occur.  2018                  Much love to you and blessings on your Bali path! xxx

Kim Sieb Bohdi Being Calif, USA  2018 -Alternative & Holistic Health Practitioner

Victoria is a gifted healer with amazing talents. After just a few sessions with her, I cleared so much of what was holding me back. I felt lighter, freer and began to understand I was on the path to healing my past. ​ ​I highly recommend her to anyone looking to break free of the shackles holding you back from unleashing true potential. She’s the real deal, and a sincere pleasure to work with.        Love u dear xxx

Kyle Noble/Global Resident & English Teacher -India  2018


“The healings with Victoria were amazing!  Out of this world.  I’ve tried lots of healing before and I also give both reiki, sekhem and siddha kundalini healing so I am no newbie to stuff…  What happened during the healings with Victoria was incredible.  After each one (I had 3), I felt something huge shift in me.  I felt myself come into my own.  I felt my power return.  Having gone through a horrible break up, I was feeling lost.  Healings with Victoria made me not only feel whole again but feel back on my PATH again.  She’s a beautiful person and although I’ve returned to the UK now, I hope to continue learning with her.  I feel very blessed indeed to have met this amazing soul.” Elena Ahmed U.K.-India 2017

Been in town (Mcleod Ganj, India) for long and shortly after Victoria had arrived in Dharamsala you would start hearing people talking about the power of her treatments, so I thought I’d give it a try! I found Victoria very receptive and easy to relate to, I had treatments over the course of a month and immediately found benefit in my daily life to clear away emotional obstacles, which was my main issue. Victoria does not only give effective treatments but also does it with an admirable altruistic intention, it is a blessing that she is here and is helping us. Namaste

Much love,  Maurizia Casserio /Italy,   June 2017- India

 I’m so happy I made the decision to come to the Self Healing Mastery Retreat in India, Victoria is so amazing at what she does. I expected to come and learn about healing, but I ended up learning a lot about myself and having amazing experiences with people that quickly became family. I will use the tools I learned in the workshop for the rest of my life.

Lindsey Friedberg Denver, Colorado  May 2017

I first met this beautiful woman when I popped into a coffee shop in Mcloud Gangi in India, and all the tables were full, so I had to share with her, we got talking and she said she was a healer. I’m not a cosmic person so I just said “oh go to the hippy part of town you’ll find people interested there” But something struck me about Victoria and I felt I wasn’t sitting at her table by accident.  So I gave it a go.  I had 3 treatments. Victoria gave so much and just knew where to tap Into.  She helped me to connect with some of my deepest Pain and heal.  She listened without judgment of my experiences and disappointment.  I am forever grateful and happy Victoria is now my friend .   Joy Frederick/Conference Organizer Sponsor for Buddhist Lhasa   UK             June/2017-India



There comes a time in one’s life when one find themselves at crossroads. Where you feel connected so strongly to your past, that no matter how much as you’d like to, you are unable to move into your future. You need a friendly nudge or in my case a strong and firm push (into this new direction). And the one to help me re-start my journey with a new perspective has been Victoria. She listened patiently with an open mind and heart alike. She helped me get past ‘my past’, intuitively directing me towards what i could be, connecting me to the parts of me, that i thought I had lost. She empowered me to look to the future, with all my gifts that I had to offer others. Joy, clarity and empathy is what describes her perfectly. Thank you (doesn’t say it enough) Victoria 🙂  Lots of Love and Joy,  Shilpi de   Delhi, India   May 2017

The spiritual and healing guidance of Victoria helps me a lot to travel deep into myself. Thru her beloved and protected work, I find the trust to give up my self-control and hear more to my inner voice. Very helpful to travel in other dimensions was Victoria’s work in the workshop breath and bowls in Mcleodganj, Dharamsala this year. It was the first time I recognized how my heart gets wide open and I could see from there.  Her advice, help, and worldwide contacts offer me wonderful gifts in my Self-healing for cancer illness *Thank you so much*

 Nils Peters, Jewelry Designer, Cape Arkona, Insel Rügen, Germany  Sept. 2016- India

Hello Victoria        It was while drinking from the well of joyous celebration on the web that I discovered your great spirit. Yours is a heart of compassion on an amazing journey of light. I honor who you are and what you are sharing with the world. I admire and respect your actions and intentions. I found your site to be engaging and empowering. You should be very proud. You are reaching more people then you realize and the impact is profound. Your soulful approach touches lives in ways positive. Thank you for sharing your enriching essence. I wish you peace and personal transformation.  May you inspire the mind as you nurture the divine and May you channel awareness as you live with greater joy.       Yours in Elevated Understanding          Micheal Teal –The Ancient One  
Victoria Simoneaux is a master healer, intuitive, and spiritual teacher. Having enjoyed DNA activation with her in the Amazon rainforest as well as quantum healing in the Himalayas my experiences left me enriched, re-energized and expanded.  I highly recommend Victoria’s special skills and abilities to anyone who is interested in healing, self-development and reaching their highest potential.
Justin Cava Jones       Stock Broker/ Investor, NGO Management & Founder  Wales, United Kingdom  4/2017
Namaste, Victoria. “Powerful tools to bring me home. To be free, happy, present here and now. Pre-sent present of presence.” My testimony of my healing time with Victoria in Bhagsu, Dharamsala India?
Daniil Mukasey   Russsia  September 2017-India


 By the mysteries of life, nature took care to cross my path with Victoria and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. After our first session my body starts to detox, my heart began to find the love that had always been there, hidden, forgotten, and my mind began to see life from another perspective. Each person is on a different journey and it’s our mission to understand that we have the tools to heal from the depths of our being so then we can radiate love and peace across the universe.  Victoria helped me with those tools.      
Josefina Olivares        Actress – New York Film Academy/Chile  9/2017-India


I met and fell in love with Victoria in the Amazon jungles of Peru. This attests to her adventuresome, life loving spirit that is dedicated to her constant growth and evolution but most of all to her devotion to the service of others.  Victoria’s wisdom, guidance, love and support through my growth and healing process have not only helped me heal, shine more insight into my life and create greater understanding but has grown a space in my heart that only she holds. I am forever grateful for all that she has done for me.            Danielle Nani Nikcevich  Honolulu, Hawaii   Restaurant Owner/ World Traveler 2016 Continued Coaching thru 2018
I met Victoria 23 years ago as a teenager. She introduced me to a spiritual life that existed within me. She opened doors to my true nature. Throughout these years I have received many healings form her that have drastically affected my journey in very obvious ways. After my sessions with her I would feel more aligned in my being. If I were in crisis, I would be very clear about how to proceed after our sessions. If there was a blockage, it would be released. She has allowed me to heal on many different levels at many different stages of my development. I cannot imagine my life without the healing guidance of Victoria. She is truly gifted as a healer and has so much to share with the world.          Amber Girard, RN/ Encinitas, Ca.
 My experience with two Ancestral Healing sessions with Victoria.  I felt that Victoria used some very interesting and inspiring terms as her healing techniques including some sacred symbols, essential oils, chanting and the use of cristals, singing bowls, and sacred music.  I could strongly identify and resonate with her healing methods. I felt very relaxed, had visions and strong emotions during and after the sessions.  I also found Victoria very understanding in her analysis of my issues and her choice of tools for my personal treatments.  I found Victoria’s Healing methods very effective and lasting and can strongly recommend these to anyone.    
Rivana Konighaus Hair Stylist- Germany      Aug/2016-India

The universe is full of mysteries. Victoria lifts the veil and supports you to discover some of these mysteries regardless of how deep they run. Victoria is able to tune into signals that go beyond the usual five senses.  It is almost impossible to put my personal experience into words, the results are clear if you have the patience and ability to see.        Julie Fuini   Entrepreneur/World Traveler   Australia  Aug/2016-India
I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Victoria and was enthusiastic to go to her breath and bowls work shop whilst travelling in India. The whole experience was wonderful from beginning to end. Victoria and her team created a clean space to relax and engage the most from the therapies combined in the session. It was the first time i had experienced any form of lineage healing and it was truly beautiful. Victoria has a very loving and open demeanour as a light worker, and i did not hesitate in recommending the workshop to friends who attended the next date, along with myself again! Thank you for the enlightening journey and for opening new realms.            Sammi-Anne Laidlaw. England. Housing Manager.  Aug 2016-India
I had a fantastic, wonderful, excellent and amazing experience with Victoria’s treatment and healing process. I felt relief after the treatment. After the 1st session I had severe pain in body, especially my back which she told me that I might experience. Because she was working on my back extensively. There was a gap of 2 days for my 2nd Session and miraculously the pain and disappeared the very next evening. I felt very active and she had asked me to drink lot of water which I religiously followed. I was totally ready for my 2nd session as I had felt the improvement.   During the 2nd session we discussed about my back pain I had after the treatment and she said it could be from my past life. I believed it was very much possible because there was absolutely no pain when my 1st session had started. While my 2nd session was on, I experienced different dimensions, purple colour, and visions of sword hanging from the sky. She helped me interpret my visions and images. Overall, it was an awesome experience.   I would like thank her to help me experience it. Also, I would highly recommend Victoria’s Secret/ healing to people who are looking to get healed alternatively.               Arjun Aditya  Entrepreneur/World Traveler  Goa, India  June/2016
Victoria – Light, Divine In a world of illusion.
A light which is real,  She is wind if you see her as wind,
A flower in middle of misery A mother that I lost in middle of universe.
Water that can bring back life to a dead tree, Love like the infinite sky,
She is what you see. Words are inappropriate to explain who she is, Feel her to feel you, She is us, We are her.       
Aruna Devi Hebsgaard    Manali, India 2016
My Energy Session with Victoria was very powerful and relaxing. During our session, I felt connected with eloquent rays of light which guiding my mind with lucid visions of how to successfully and significantly change my life as it was as well as my future. My overall experience was intense and extremely postive. As such, I highly recommend Victoria! Thank you.  Sabrina Terence DJ/Artist in Dubai -German   met in Thailand 2016
My experience with reiki was really wonderful. I was traveling alone in India, during a bad time. I had no balance, living a moment of sadness… I meet Victoria and I realized I could change my trip and the energy around it.    I did some reiki sessions and, immediately, I could better see my situation and increase my energy to change the moment. Victoria is so easy to talk to and her healing sessions have opened a new door to improving my life.”  
Adriana Hack – Owner/Casa7  – Brazil  2016 India

 In all my treatments and healing’s I have experienced all over the world there are many who have knowledge but so very few who possess the gifts Victoria has been given. An Angel with Angels touches.      dennis
Dennis Connor HHP, Reiki Master  Santa Barbara, Ca. 2009-2014


Victoria has a true gift of connecting to Divine Source for the purpose of healing, guiding, and teaching. I’ve been fortunate to work with Victoria to clear past energies, upgrade DNA, and go deeper into my meditation practice.  Through her one on one sessions I’ve experienced deep release and healing allowing me to reconnect with my souls purpose and true passions. I’ve also experienced the power of working alongside Victoria with my mother and can happily say that our relationship has never been better and a true mending of past wounds has been the result. I can truly say that her positive energy is tangible along with her dedication to lift the vibration of the planet one person at a time!”France Marie Stewel    NYC Ballet Graduate-Instructor     Vista California

France Marie Stewel    NYC Ballet Graduate-Instructor     Vista California  2009 Continued sessions thru 201

 I have known Victoria Simoneaux for 30 years. She is by her very nature a healer, intuitive and compassionate, gentle and kind. My last treatment with Victoria, the Chakra Cleansing, was delightfully relaxing. While experiencing some turbulence in the lower charkas by the time we reached my heart I had slipped into a transcendental state, something I would best describe as a conscious blissful nap. I would highly recommend her services.
 Andrew Salony
Entrepreneur & Multi- Business Owner in Bali, Indonesia
I had a few amazing private sessions with Victoria, and hope to get more sessions, as the layers of the old and multi-dimensional present are revealed so I can become a brighter light!  The Breath and Bowls with a small group have made my life elevated and one notable difference was that I can sleep more peacefully. Insomnia was prevalent in my life, from the very next day, I was sleeping like a baby.  Perhaps it is because as we get into a higher vibration, the lower energies that hang around us cannot handle our empowerment.  I hope to have one more B and B session before Victoria goes away!  Also, my daughter and I had an ancestry clearing so we could communicate and “clear up” with those we knew and those we never met, a long line of influence in our DNA!
Stefani Stevens    Musician   Vista, Ca.

 Dear Prospective Clients of Victoria.  If there is a slightest bit of curiosity within you about choosing a service from Victoria, you are exactly meant to hire her. Victoria has been instrumental in my recent spiritual growth through her guided meditations, healing, and support. Victoria’s knowledge, love, and experience make her a powerful profound Healer. I’ve been able to clear out negative thoughts and energies from my body, healed childhood traumas, as well as expanded in my spiritual knowledge due to Victoria’s genuine care. Victoria’s intuitive abilities have brought clarity and meaning to my day to day life, dreams, and other spiritual experiences. In Victoria’s guided meditation I was able to come in contact with the most beautiful, loving, divine energy that I had only experienced in the presence of Shaman and other spiritual guides in the middle of the Amazon. For this and other reasons, I had to let others know the blessing it is to have Victoria live just a drive away and be able to acquire her services. So grateful to have crossed path’s with Victoria!              A loving spirit,  Nanette Haro   San Diego, Ca  Peru 2014 to S.D. 2016
I have known Victoria for over 8 years. Victoria is an incredibly gifted healer. She has dedicated her life to being of service and supporting others healing their physical. emotional and energetic bodies. Victoria’s deep knowing and powerful wisdom comes through in all her healing work. I have received personal healing sessions with Victoria and have experienced deep release and incredible energetic shifts and “upgrades”. When Victoria & Bill (Evolution of the Heart) led group meditations in San Diego I would join them on occasion and experience Victoria in leadership of groups working with each person with depth, compassion and kindness. Victoria is very knowledgeable and generous with her healing gift! Over the years I am honoured to be her friend, to have the experience of co-leading with her and be able to have sessions with her and share these moments together on this incredible journey of our lives!”
Patricia Clum   Co-Founder / Co- Owner of Evolution of The Heart      
Vancouver, Canada      www.evolutionoftheheart.com
Victoria is a dedicated healer and awakener , she brings the divine Into her work at a high vibration, with love and compassion. We Are in deep gratitude of our Experience with what we have Experienced.  Evolution of the Heart/Bill  Clum  Vancouver,Canada
Victoria is a gifted healer with years and years of experience. I instantly feel relaxed upon closing my eyes. There is a beautiful energy that surrounds me while she is doing the healing from the beginning.  The effects of the healings last for weeks. What I notice most is my continued raised vibration.  During the week after I get clear insight about my life.  I feel rejuvenated and hope is instilled once again on my spiritual journey.  Victoria and all the beautiful beings she works with remind me how loved we truly are.


In Gratitude, Peace and Blessings,              

Nina Impala   Encinitas, Ca   www.tutoringforthespirit.com


So many wonderful openings and release have manifested for me since I have been working with Victoria.… I feel truly blessed to have shared in the Love she brings out of us while under her guidance ~ a true reminder of what “all I am” is about – coming from the heart, letting go of old imprints, belief systems, and learning to tune into our source, our spirit and heart. Through working with Victoria both on an individual basis, as well as in a group setting, I not only have found my expansion and growth in understanding and unconditional love, but I am certain that those I come in contact with are also touched by her gift.
A true balance of mind, body and spirit can be achieved, and with Victoria’s guidance and insight, it seems so easy and feels so uplifting and whole. Instead of a struggle, she helps us move through any blocks with ease, without feeling it is hard work, and at the same time, keeping it light with humor, humility and true unconditional love. I highly recommend a session ( or two ! ) with Victoria to anyone who wishes to evolve and grow into their highest self A stunning woman, and a beautiful spirit in so many ways…..and a true delight to walk with on this journey of oneness with all.   etoie
Etoile Ruby Presnell   Del Dios, Ca.

Precious Victoria,
There are no words to describe how proud I am of you and your healing abilities. You are truly a magical and mystical healer and are completely connected with Source. It is this connection and your pure heart and soul that allows you to reconnect others and assist them in their healing journey. You are an awesome and amazing gift of unconditional love to the world and to your clients. I am blessed beyond comprehension to have you in my life. I am so pleased that you are doing the work you were born to do as are the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and our Star Brothers and Sisters.
Alchemy Energetic Healer Master Teacher/Coach    
Burbank, Ca.

I recently had the privilege of experiencing a personal Chakra cleansing and healing from Victoria that was off the charts andKristine out of this world…….literally! Her energy was so amazing that I immediately felt I could totally relax and really trust the process. I felt my body become softer and sweeter as she began to do her cleansing process, and then when she brought in all this amazing energy and support from God only knows where…..I felt my body disappear…. I was totally gone …. but I felt this precious Oneness with her and experienced this beautiful void of all that is. I love that I have this experience to tap into whenever I am being still……what a precious Gift she is and her healing sessions are. I plan on having sessions with her at least a couple of times a month…..as I want to do whatever I can to keep removing all the blocks to my full expression so I can live from my Higher Heart every day and in every way! Thank you Victoria for sharing your gifts with so many. The world needs more healers like you! Bless You All Ways.
Kristine Catalina-Life Coach & Author   Valley Center, Ca.
“Man Woman Relationships Made Easy”
imageI found the healing work with Victoria to be the gift I needed at this time in my life. I experienced a deep, soothing, healing peace that stayed with me throughout the weeks afterward. This depth of healing tranquility enabled me to not only cope with extremely disturbing family challenges, but I was also able to make increasingly complex decisions with ease.  Testimony on the ALKALINE WATER Six months after a diagnosis for leukemia cancer, I was also diagnosed with a large lump on my throat which obstructed my larynx and made vocalizing nearly impossible. At about the same time, Victoria and friends encouraged me to begin drinking alchaline water to help with my cancer recovery. Four months after being diagnosed for the lump in my throat, my ENT Surgeon performed surgery to remove the lump. Two weeks after the surgery, during the post op meeting, my surgeon admitted that he had never experienced what he saw during the surgery: NO EVIDENCE OF THE LUMP, when he opened me up. He had no explanation for what had happened. I did. It was drinking the water.  For Health,
Sanjay Hal Beery    Seattle, WA & Chennai, India    Production  Design & Editing

ginaMy name is Gina, I am 22 and I have been seeing Victoria for almost a year now. Before I started doing any spiritual work with Victoria, nothing seemed to be going right. I had problems with my family, friends, boyfriend, school, work, and most importantly my health. I had been struggling with a throat issue for almost two years. I had seen 3 different doctors, and none of them could diagnose me. I had talked at least 6 different sets of antibiotics, but the problem kept coming back. I was exhausted from this process, and felt more like a guinea pig than a patient. When I finally went to Victoria’s I was more than ready for a change in my life. I had known Victoria, but was unfamiliar with her work. I went to a workshop of hers, where she explained everything, and finally gave an example chakra clearing. She picked me to be the example, because she knew of all the pain I was in. I personally had a very dramatic experience. During the clearing, my entire body got very hot, to the point that sweat was rolling down my face. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. When I opened my eyes afterwards, I felt like I was seeing things for the first time. It even felt like I could see colors more vividly. As soon as I got home, I had a heart to heart discussion with both of my parents, in a way that I never thought I was capable of. I woke up inspired the next day, and ended up finding an alternative medicine at the local health food store that was the other piece to my health puzzle. That night, I was no longer in any pain for the first time in years. I could sleep again, I could breathe and swallow again pain free. After that everything else fell into place. I have continued to go to group meditations, and one-on-one chakra clearings. I had the strength to get out of an abusive relationship, and begin living a much healthier, happier life. I have changed the way I think dramatically, and become aware of the ways to manifest the life I want. I am eternally grateful that I was able to move through these problems with energy work. Without my health I was unable to enjoy my life. Thanks to Victoria, I have moved past that now and I continue to grow day by day!
 Gina Buciarelli   Student  Solona Beach , Ca.

crystalDreams really do come true…
My teens, 20’s and even into my early 30’s was one bad decision after another. . I could not wrap my head around why I had the “need” to be with the “bad boy” and the “need” to be liked/loved by them at what eventually became any cost. I am a smart girl and come from a good family-My parents are still together, I have an amazing Dad, and my mom was a loving mother although we fought like “normal” mother/daughter relationships. As I grew older my common sense seemed to lack more and more. I went from bad long term relationship to worse. I dealt with drug addicted boyfriends who I became co-dependent on and eventually became an addict myself. In addition I became a statistic of domestic violence ranging from black eyes and broken ribs to sexual abuse. I lost contact with my family and most of my friends. I was drowning a black bottomless hole and truly believed that was it for me—there was no hope!
As time went on I started to reconnect with my family and through that realized I was “worth it”. But still didn’t know how to “help myself”. I started with “talk therapy” and well that didn’t help at all. I had been in the restaurant industry for years and years and learned how to “talk” as if everything was okay. But I still went.
Then through a childhood friend I saw Victoria after many years and we chatted about what she does for a living and it peaked my interest. So we started to chat and after several cancelled/rescheduled appointments I finally went.
I can’t explain in words what happened but I slowly started to change from the inside out. It was nothing I could see, I didn’t understand and I couldn’t control it. There were sessions when I would just burst into tears and I didn’t know why. There were sessions when I left exhausted and sessions when I would leave full of energy.
As I said I can’t explain it but I can say this-I know for a fact that seeing Victoria is what changed my life! It has been about a year since my first session with Victoria and I can honestly say I am a new person! Finally! I have a new career, a wonderful relationship with a man who adores and respects me and we are pregnant with our first baby and will be getting married very soon. I finally love myself and know I am “worth it”. Dreams really do come true.
Crystal McNeil  Manager  Vista, Ca. 2009-2012

My wife recommended Victoria to me for chronic knee and neck issues. After just one session of Thai massage and energy healing I had no pain in either spot. It has continued over the last couple of months and continues today.
Thank you Victoria!
Tim Scanlon
Financial Analyst
Encinitas, CA

I first met Victoria my shop “Lacy’s in downtown Encinitas. I got into a conversation with her about my physical problems.
My first desire was I wanted to lose weight and I was having numbness and tingling in my face and extremities so I made an appointment to see her. Before my appointment date, I was rushed to the hospital over the weekend with suspected stroke or MS. I weighed in at 198 lbs. and after 13 weeks and seeing her weekly, I now weigh 177 lbs. After her therapeutic massages and healing sessions, I now have the feeling back in my legs, arms and face. She worked with me in helping me to release and manage my stress. I think Victoria is wonderful, positive and just lovely. She is truly gifted in her field. I would not have been able do this without her.
Elizabeth Harrington
Lacy’s Boutique
Encinitas, CA

It has been my greatest privilege to work with Victoria and be one of her clients to do the Light Body Activations.  Her work is so unique and wondrous.  She is a gentle guide who leads and displays her soul’s wisdom and enhances the process.   Her joy and love is felt in every step and every word uttered.  The presence of great guidance and light is truly felt.  She brings all her divine knowledge and care to lead you on a incredible path of spiritual light to joyous fulfillment.  It is truly a blessing to do any healing work with Victoria – whether it is the group mediation, or chakra clearing or health consultations.  She is an ADVANCED LIGHT WORKER, and an ANGEL all rolled up in one.  Make intention to do some wondrous clearing for yourself with her.  It is the best blessing and gift you can give to yourself.  With great honor and respect – I lovingly endorse her programs and talents – and workshops.
With great love,
Halina Jarosz-Renaud
Channel-Teacher   Phoenix, Ar.

AlexVictoria Simoneaux and her healing website QuantumLifesource has been an inspiration ever since I first began reading it over three years ago. It is always filled with Loving Messages that evoke Spiritual Wisdom and Healing. Victoria has also graciously opened her home for some of the most profound healing mediations that I have ever experienced and her healing group unquestioningly helped to heal my lower back from a complex operation for spinal stenosis for which I am Forever Grateful –
Sat Nam,
Alex Marsh-Pianist   San Diego, Ca.
I have had both private healings from Victoria and have attended her bowls and meditation.  I a glad to share that I was taken so deep in each session, that I do not really remember much of anything.  In my teachings what that means is I was doing some very deep healing.  I highly recommend any event that Victoria does!  Thank you for your consciousness!  Blessings, Karen     Solona Beach, Ca.
Karen Scanlon  CLC, HSE
Certified Life Coach & Relationship Technologist
Human Software Engineer
Kundalini Yoga Instructor, KRI
The Bowl/Breath Mediation was profoundly deep for me, staying with the breath for close to 45 minutes and having the sound vibrations resound, deep into  my being, seemed to shake lose a number of unresolved emotions, so the experience was not an easy one for about a week, but I know I did a lot of clearing and with Victoria’s and Bill’s support through this period was very comforting and understanding.   THANKS,  Alex Marshwood    pianist  San Diego, Ca. “I felt like I was being touched by Angels….so peaceful and grounding…..such a delicious healing experience – thank you Victoria & Etoile”
Kristine Catalina, Life Coach & Author  Valley Center, Ca.
“Man Woman Relationships Made Easy”
 “The vibrations of the bowls with my spirit was truly amazing”  Brian Phillip Contractor  Encinitas, Ca.
 The evening of new vibrations and the kundalini practices were truly unique.  The vibrations of change and upliftment were very special indeed.  The pranic breathing and the sacred bowls which included healing, in your sacred place, made for all of us a place of  DIVINE acceptance of light and love. It was a special and beautiful night – of SPIRIT and healing.  Thank you Victoria, Etoile and Spirit – for the endless love we all felt.         Blessings – Halina Jarouz-Renaud  Channler/Healer
“Third Eye was opened wide….amazing experience…I was concerned with the focus on breathing but fell right in to the rhythm of it…when do we do it again?”          Vince Moroney Scientific Researcher Del Dios, Ca