Himalayan Self-Healing Mastery Retreat

Himalayan Self-Healing Mastery Retreat




Welcome to the Himalayan Self Healing Mastery Retreat in the beautiful Tibetan village of McLeodganj, Dharamsala. Nestled in the lush green Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, India.  It is known as “Little Lhasa” because of its large population of Tibetans.  Many travelers find themselves enchanted with this Tibetan community and stay for a long time.  Just strolling the streets of this walkable village is an experience in itself. Industrious Tibetan vendors set up their stalls along the narrow roads each morning, selling everything from antiques, jewelry, food, to prayer beads and handmade paper books created by the children at the Tibetan Children’s Village. Tibetan women in their colorful aprons walk through the chorten in the center of town, turning the prayer wheels. The people are so friendly each day with their warm greetings, stopping each other on the road as conversations flow easily. Even engaging in friendly conversation with the Monks is a common occurence.  Mcleodganj is VERY safe and one of the cleanest, more westernized villages in India due to the Tibetan influence. Being the Dalai Lama’s home, Mcleodganj is the official abode of Tibetans in exile, where you can have a true Tibetan experience. Just the vibration here will mesmerize you, Opening your Heart, expanding your consciousness & knowledge. The Retreat will be held at the Tse Chok Ling Monastery hidden within the forest pines below Mcleodganj.  This retreat will be an experience of a lifetime, one you will never forget!!!

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You will fly into Delhi, India and then take a small local airline-Spice Jet from the domestic airport, directly next to the International airport.  It is good to travel light, checking baggage weight and information before. Extra baggage weight can be an unexpected expense. We will be awaiting your arrival at Dharamsala Airport.  McLeodganj is a very hilly Tibetan Village with much walking up & down hills. There is a long climbing stairs from the Monastery up into town. If you do not want to walk up the stairs, you can always take a taxi to & from town. The road into the Monastery is a dirt winding road through the forest. Taxi’s are cheap and it is advisable to be in good fitness shape before you come, at least some Yoga & walking beforehand to prepare.

These Mastery classes are  Intro classes for anyone who wants to learn Self-Healing techniques & tools to apply on themselves, family & friends. These techniques will allow you how to work on yourself daily for preventative health, mental & emotional balance. You will also have the tools for those unexpected life situations that throw us out of balance and cause extreme stress such as any trauma, disease or experiencing death & grief. During these times we need extra tools to help with these imbalances mentally & emotionally. Through the Quantum Electro-Magnetic energetic field of practice, discipline & intention, you will be guided & supported back to your Unconditionally Loving SELF. Learning Self-Healing of the mind, body & emotions is the doorway to more Self-Love.

I believe the more educated & informed we are about our own self-healing, the greater the opportunity to live a more balanced, healthy & stress free life. When we can fully understand how Quantum Energy works, then we can see how simple & easy it can be applied in our daily lives with tangible results. These classes will give you those techniques & tools to change your lives for the positive while also changing your interactions with family and friends.

We do not go back and re-experience the pain of the past.  We do not criticize, condemn your parents, societies, you, for living these limitations – it is part of being human… But it is also part of being conscious to shed them.  This self-healing work is about bringing awareness and expanding your vibration with no suffering – but with celebration, with awareness, and with the ability to connect with your superconsciousness and live from that place.

Without a doubt this training & protocol will speed up your spiritual evolution, increasing your vibration & consciousness. This means you will attract more quality people, events and opportunities to your reality. Eventually, you will instantly manifest & Create your desired Reality, opening to your full potential of more joy, peace, harmony & living a proactive lifestyle.   A free Instruction Manuel will be provided to take home.

Clearing Meridians – You will learn the technique to clear your meridians

Clearing & Balancing your Bio-Energy Field(Aura) – You will learn the technique to clear, balance & energize (protect) your field

Clearing & Balancing your Chakras – You will learn about the functions of the chakras & how to clear, balance & harmonize your chakras to interface between the physical and energetic worlds.

DNA Upgrades & Activations – You will learn about the new 12 strands of DNA. You will learn how to reprogram & retrain your brain to identify & upgrade them.

You will also learn how to raise the vibration of your Food, Water & How to clear the energy in your home.




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