Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive

Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive

Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive

o_9a60dada21a8b82b-1spinning-merkabaVictoria Simoneaux combines Quantum Vibrational Energy Healing along with nutrition, health and wellness practices. These practices are individually designed for massive results by balancing the body, mind and spirit connection.  This work moves you from where you are to where you want to be, living the life of your dreams.

img_1359-2I invite you to take the journey of reading and exploring this site to get a clear understanding of how these treatments and applications can impact the quality of your life.  If you are new to the understandings and scientific findings of quantum physics or energy work, then I give you a step by step educational experience into the Awakening process.  Victoria’s life work and experience offers something for everyone; Quantum Physics, Quantum Energy Healing, Wellness and Nutrition….and it’s all FREE information.   Simply open your mind and heart and you can enhance your vibrational evolution.

The Universal Law of Attraction teaches that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Quantum Physics teaches that nothing is fixed, that there are no limitations, and that everything is Vibrating Energy.  “Everything is Energy in a state of potential” and when one uses the Law of Attraction in their lives, an undesirable life becomes a thing of the past.

We are Creators of the Universe

Quantum physics takes a spiritual perspective in where there are no separate parts, and where everything is fluid and always changing.  The physical world is a sea of Energy constantly flashing in and out of existence.  It is through the alignment of our thoughts, feelings and actions, that we transform this ever-changing Energy into observable reality. Therefore, we can Create our reality with our focused thoughts, spoken words, feelings and actions of pure Intention. It takes 21 days to release an old belief system and Create a positive Intention in it’s place.

With quantum physics, science is leaving behind the notion that human beings are powerless victims and is moving toward an understanding that we are fully empowered Creators of our Lives. With Newton we were insignificant cogs in the Universal Machinery. With Quantum Physics we ARE the Creators of the Universe.  Louise Hay, International author and Owner of Hay House Publishing Co. was one of the first pioneers of the conversation around Law of Attraction and Creating your own reality.  Her key message is:

“If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.”  Life is always trying to love us, but we need to be open if we are to see it.  Fear shows us one world; and love shows us another world.  We decide which world is real, And we decide which world we want to live in.”  — Louise Hay   RIP  Beloved Universal Teacher           
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Accept, Believe, Surrender and Gratefulness
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The Physics of Possibility

th4S1XFL7F We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. Quantum physics says just the opposite. It says that what’s happening on the inside determines what’s happening on the outside. Since nothing is fixed and everything is in a state of potential, everything is possible!  When we understand that everything is possible, we begin to align our thoughts, conversations, feelings, intentions and actions on what we want to attract.  This along with visualization, will literally call into existence whatever we desire.

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“Let us set our intentions with our Heart-not our Brain.
The Heart is 5,000 times as powerful magnetically than the brain”        Gregg BradenThe Intelligent Heart - Institute of HeartMathElectromagnetic Field of the Heart

Watch this video on the Heart-Brain connection by Gregg Braden

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This information about the scientific evidence of the Heart comes from the Heartmath

Dreams change into Reality

The Universe exists as infinite potential in infinite abundance. Through this understanding and awareness we have the power to bring our desires into existence and our dreams into reality.  We have the power to be, do, and have whatever we desire through deliberate Co-Creation and Intention.  When aligned and balanced we can learn to Create or Manifest our desires from the clean slate of the present moment, instead of, our subconscious conditioned past.

sphereAll of creation is a living matrix of light and geometries. We, as human reflections of the light, are participating in a radical shift.  We call the resulting blueprint in this higher octave of consciousness, the Dimensional Shift or Ascension.  As we dance towards this new dimensional reality, our human form is undergoing a profound transformation. Our very cellular DNA Matrix is shifting to harmonize these higher frequencies of Light and Love.  Referred to as the Light Body, our new blueprint is a spiritual biochemistry with an expanded genetic and DNA structure.  5thlightbody

It is holographically contiguous with our existing bodies, yet carries high frequencies of light and love that have been latent for millions of years.  This crystalline, or silica-based body of light, is our vehicle of ascension that transports us into the higher dimensional system of the New Earth energy.  Also referred to as the Merkaba, this Light Body is a brilliant gridwork of light and sacred geometry.  It electromagnetically links our Human and Multidimensional Self with the Infinite Universe and Cosmic Hologram of Love.

See Merkaba video   As the body of light is continually activated, our cellular structure and entire physiology undergoes a mutation.  The cell metabolism is accelerated and latent DNA coding lights up.


Shedding bodily density, we experience mutational symptoms such as bodily changes, and the releasing of old emotional and mental structures. We remember who we are as Children of the Light, whose essential purpose has always been, simply TO LOVE.  On a practical level, we use these expanded energies to create from a knowing of unlimited potential.  Awakening the Light Body heightens inspiration, vision, and intuition, to support our highest creative potential.

For example, if you are a writer, musician, artist, teacher or in any creative field, you may find yourself expressing octaves of beauty and resonance on an entirely new level.  If you are in business, you may find dynamic reciprocity in your work.  If you are a healer, you can develop a higher sense of perception and a greater ability to affect the transformation of others.  No matter what your work, your Light Body and radiating Bio-Energy field becomes a powerful vehicle of influence and transformation.  Many of us are in the process of making great leaps in the awakening of the Light Body. This is due, in part, to the cosmic influences and intense waves of Light that are coming to earth at this time such as planets within the solar system changing, solar flares and our Sun changing, magnetic grid changes and earth pole shifting. Archives


Intention and choice are the most powerful tools available in our awakening. Placing intention and conscious focus on building the Light Body accelerates our shift into higher consciousness.  By choosing to consciously connect in resonant frequency with other Light Beings, and by living a high vibrational lifestyle, you are greatly supported in this transformational process.  Many refer to it as Ascension in these times, which is a completely universal evolutionary process.  As one shifts in vibrational frequency, their awareness expands, symptoms are experienced in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Your entire electro-magnetic system is being rebooted, upgraded or “tuned up.”

WE ARE the ONES we have been waiting for. The time is NOW to awaken your    Light Body and activate the 12 DNA-Strands The strength of our unified field is an unparalleled vehicle for assisting in this magical transfiguration of Human BE-ing-ness.  As we increase in numbers, our Love and Light expands exponentially.

oneness As we move beyond duality and separation, we become aware of the truth that WE ARE ALL ONE.   Oneness as a planet…Oneness as Our Global Community.  This “Oneness” in mass consciousness is what will make the great changes in the World, it will bring a New Earth forward, a peaceful solution, the so called “Heaven on Earth.”  As we do our own inner work to raise vibration and frequency, purifying our vessel in mind, body and spirit; we expand the consciousness of the masses or the Collective consciousness the same as the ripple effect in a pond.  Eventually, through neutralization of our emotions and the calming of the mind through the Heart, Brain, Mind fusion we become a pillar of Light grounded in the present moment. At this point of our human evolution, just our mere presence helps others to balance, heal and shift consciousness.  We do not have to do or say anything to assist others in their process. Just BE.

It is up to us as this Human-Be-ing-ness to “Be the Change in the World.”  Gandhi

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