Quantum Wellness and Nutrition

Quantum Wellness and Nutrition

Quantum Wellness and Nutrition

 WELLNESS is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by the quality of life and a sense of well-being.  WELLNESS is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence. Quantum Wellness is the entire multidimensional morphogenetic field of balancing and healing the body, mind & spirit.

  • Process means that improvement is always possibleCaduceus-13
  • Aware means that we are continuously seeking more information about how we can   improve
  • Choices means that we consider a variety of options and select those in our best interest.
  • Success is determined by each individual to be their collection of life accomplishments.

 As a Holistic Practitioner I also support and promote Ayurvedic practices with diet and herbal remedies..integrating all modalities on an individual basis.  Everyone is unique and has different body chemistry so I adjust a plan designed for your body style, chemistry and lifestyle that will be easy & safe. We may not all be physically fit or free from disease; we can, however, strive for increased wellness by working with what we’ve been dealt.

Through my experience, knowledge and expertise,  I will design a  plan that focuses on the balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects  of your personal well-being.  I use a combination of different modalities, alternative and integrative methods.  I apply a variety of nutritional  programs that will help you create awareness and healthy eating habits.

I will help you with healthy diet goals through moderation and balance, healthy cooking and smart shopping, changing the way you eat for life. These tools, when combined with a fitness and exercise regime, will give you  a customized program chosen for your individual history and lifestyle.

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to India and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine.  In Sanscrit, the word Ayurveda comprises the words āyus, meaning ‘life’ and veda, meaning ‘science’.  Evolving throughout its history,  Ayurveda remains an influential system of medicine in South Asia.   Ayurveda is considered to be a form of complementary and alternative medicine within the western world.  Several of its methods-such as herbs, massage, and Yoga,



1.  Quit Smoking & minimize alcohol intake

2.  Reduce Blood Sugar

3. Get Active-pilates, yoga and any breathing         practice such as kundalini yoga, yin & chi gong

4. Improve diet, Lose Weight & detox safely

5. Stress Management-Meditatate

6. Lower gluten intake, wheat has been sprayed with chemicals, DDT & the gluten has become poisenous causing many gut diseases.

NEWS FLASH: 6 out of 10 Americans are overweight and over acidic!
Dr. Robert Young author of “The pH Miracle” has shown that fat is actually an over-acidification problem. What does that mean? The body creates fat cells to carry acids away from your vital organs, so these acids literally don’t choke your organs to death. Fat is saving your life!  Fat is actually a response from the body to an alarming over-acidic condition.  Dr. Young has written 3 books.
Here are some aspects regarding pH you may find useful…
The body’s pH is measured on a scale of 0 – 14.  Midrange at 7 is where the pH is balanced. Anything below 7 is acidic and a state where your body does not function as designed.  Above 7 is called Alkaline.
Alkaline is the state in which your body thrives.
Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.
With that said: when you remove acid toxins from your body, you will:
  • FLUSH Fat Fast resulting in easy weight loss
  • GAIN Muscle Mass
  • WATCH your skin glow
  • ENJOY maximum energy all day, everyday

Here’s how to rid your body of that over-acidic state:
Alkalizing Secret #1 — Drink Pure Alkaline Water – lots of it!   Pure water meaning water that is filtered.  At a minimum, you should be drinking 7 ounces of water for every 10 lbs of your body weight. Pure water meaning water that is filtered – the finest choice is an alkaline ionization unit.  Alkaline water means water with a pH over 7.5.  Alkaline water adds oxygen, antioxidants and helps to neutralize acids.  You have to do your research.
Also Avoid or minimize: coffee, black tea and sodas. – These drinks are highly acidic and do not count towards your daily water intake.                       Alkalizing Secret #2 —Alkalizing drink.  Mix 1/2  tsp. organic baking soda (Non- aluminum) in 1/4 c. filtered warm water, squeeze 1/2 lemon.  Drink first thing in the morning.  Once taken, wait 15 before consuming any other food.  Will stabilize the PH and calms nerves.

Alkalizing Secret #3 — Eat Green Salads – forget the cheese and croutons!  Always have a green salad on hand. Some greens that have the highest water content are: cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, and onions.  A great dressing would be cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with some lemon juice and Braggs Amino Acids.   Keep this in a bowl in your fridge (tip: add cucumbers and tomatoes right before eating). Great to eat a HUGE salad with every meal! Eat Celery  or juice it.  This is one of the most alkaline foods you can eat. It quickly neutralizes acids. Eat it before, after or during a meal. Celery is so high in water content that is also works as an excellent thirst quencher. Celery is excellent for digestion.  Braggs can be used in salad dressings, sauces, and soups and is so good for you.

Alkalizing Secret #4 – Switch from cow’s milk, to organic milk, almond, cashew, coconut or rice milk. Cows milk has shown to produce an abundance of mucous in the human body. There are also few adults who can metabolize the protein in cow’s milk properly. This protein, casein, is what a cow’s metabolism needs for proper health, not for a human beings health.
Also note that most dairy cows are injected with hormones such as the Bovine Growth Hormone to increase their milk production. Many of these hormones have potentially horrific side effects that can be passed on when consumed. Almond, cashew & rice milk are excellent alternatives to dairy. They are well worth trying out.  Soy milk and products are usually GMO. Only drink organic non-gmo soy. Hormonal problems in women who drink a lot of GMO soy milk.  Learn to start reading labels and ingredients.

Alkalizing Secret #5 – Avoid artificial sweeteners!  This includes: NutraSweet, Sucralose, Aspartame, Saccharin….and Splenda  Not only are these acidic they also have other highly detrimental effects on the nervous system and neurological disease. Saccharin even tells you right on the package that it may cause cancer.  Splenda  can cause IBS over time.
There are other natural sugar substitutes that have had no reported side effects:
Stevia, (some taste better than others)Xylitol, tastes more like sugar,
organic agave, monkfruit crystals, pure maple syrup and organic honey.

Alkalizing Secret #6 – Eliminate consumption of red meat, pork, lamb…substitute chicken, turkey or fresh fish in small quantities.  Red meats, pork and lamb are highly acidic a very low water content, not to mention being hard on the digestive system. Type O blood types need red meat protein a few times a week for energy and building muscle. Buy organic meats and eat in moderation along with organic chicken or turkey. Fresh wild fish is another excellent route to take, check for farmed fish at restaurants and stores, this is unhealthy to eat.  Watch the Documentary called COWSPIRACY.  You will be shocked at what we are doing to our health & the environment of the planet.

Alkalizing Secret #7 – Reduce stress daily by adding yoga, walking, tai chi, meditation, proper breathing., massage and energy healings. medAn additional factor that adds to acidosis (acidic bodies) is stress. When the body moves into stress mode the digestive system shuts down and toxins cease to be eliminated. Thus the more toxins you keep in your system, the more the body will store them away (acids) in fat cells!  Anything we can do to calm the mind/body will have a huge impact on alkalizing the body and overall well-being.

Alkalizing Secret #8 – Drink a top quality super green supplement.  Organic super greens are known to be some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They infuse the body with easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, amino acids chlorophyll, enzymes, phytonutrients and alkaline salts that help neutralize acids in the blood and tissues.  Come in capsules or powder.

Alkalizing Secret #9 – Minimize/Avoid…. processed and refined foods.  That means anything made with white flour and white sugar or food coloring. Our bodies were not designed to digest these chemicals and so it must do one of three things:

1. Eliminate them (if you are not hydrating properly this is very hard to do) or
2. Neutralize them by pulling alkaline buffers where it can – like from your bones leaching calcium, or from your blood, leaching iron. Or:
3. Park them away (in fat cells). Bottom line here – stay away from processed food as much as possible.  DO NOT EAT genetically modified foods.  It is important to research GMO’s  and get informed. (below are a few recent articles) All of our foods have been compromised with pesticides and that is why there has been a rise in so many new diseases. Most people are now experiencing allergies to gluten, dairy and most foods that are not chemically free. The chemicals have caused problems with our bodies and the functioning of our brain. Our soil and our environment are full of chemicals.

Humic or Fulvic Acid, the Ayurvedic name is-Shijilit -concentrate is a naturally energized Bioavailable Mega Organic Ionic Mineral including amino acids and vitamins from prehistoric plant matter. This perfect combination is for cellular detoxification, nutrition, rejuvenation and & healing. It is one of the strongest antioxidants and utilizes vitamin absorption.  The healing effects are many and is a preventive maintenance program for optimum health. I have been on this product for over 10 years and I am a healthy example of it’s amazing benefits.  David Avocado Wolfe, Raw Foods renowned Nutritionist quoted “if there is one product that everyone needs to take it is “Fulvic Acid.”  I have been taking Fulvic Acid for 10 years, It has assisted with reversing my hormone imbalance, my hypothyroidism and  some food allergies.  I no longer take any medication for my thyroid and I haven’t had a cold or the flu in over 8 years.

Some scientists that have studied fulvic acid, have come up with some amazing facts. They tell us that fulvic acid is the finest electrolyte known to man. It is assists with human enzyme production, hormone structures, and is necessary for the utilization of vitamins. It has been found to be essential to living cells in carrying on metabolic processes. It maintains the ideal environment for dissolved mineral complexes, elements, and cells to bio-react electrically with one another causing electron transfer, catalytic reactions, and transmutations into new minerals. It is also the most powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger known. It has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons and render free radicals harmless. It can either alter them into new useable compounds or eliminate them as waste. Fulvic Acid can similarly scavenge heavy metals and detoxify pollutants. Fulvic acid helps to correct cell imbalances.

Research done by Pretoria University as well as various other research teams have pointed out that humic-Fulvic acid  also possess anti-viral activity. This activity has been demonstrated on the fever blister virus, the influenza virus, hepatitis A, B & C strains, as well as HIV. The mechanism by which humic/fulvic acid inhibit these viruses is by preventing the adsorption of the virus to cell surfaces.

In conclusion, humic/fulvic acid  have been shown to stimulate the specific immune system(important in coping with opportunistic infections), inhibit inflammatory reactions, inactivate the growth of certain viruses and protect against environmental toxins. This combination of beneficial effects in one compound appears to be unique and makes it an ideal compound for the protection of man against diseases associated with viral and other opportunistic infections as well as inflammatory conditions such as auto-immune diseases and allergies.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) is called the “Queen of Herbs “Tulsi Tea”, which originated in India thousands of years ago, isknown for its rich antioxidant and adaptogenic properties  that are known to promote wellness by building the body’s immune system, reducing stress and promoting mental clarity.It is recognized as one of India’s most sacred herbs because of its health benefits and healing properties. Tulsi tea’s antioxidants  protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals that facilitate the cause and progression of various types of diseases. Also referred to as Holy Basil tea, this herbal brew’s adaptogens serve as powerful anti-stress agents that protect your body from a wide range of health concerns. The adaptogens guard against and deal with physical, chemical, environmental, and emotional factors that produce high levels of stress that compromise physical and mental health.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Strengthens the immune system, promotes longevity and enhances well-being.
  • Promotes heart health by lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • Reduces the negative physical and psychological effects of stress.
  • Increases the body’s efficiency in using oxygen, which improves stamina, strength and endurance.
  • Promotes respiratory health.
  • Helps with digestion and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Neutralizes dangerous biochemicals that contribute to cancer, degenerative diseases and premature aging.
  • Facilitates healthy liver function.
  • Reduces cell and tissue damage from sun rays, radiation therapy and other radiation sources.
  • Relieves inflammation from arthritis and other diseases.
  • Helps fight infections.


David Wolfe’s video on Holy Basil for stress

In Summary:  If you will start out by going down the list of tips and add one secret each day, there’s a tremendous possibility that you will be amazed with what you experience. Simply increasing the amount and type of water you drink can and often will be a HUGE shift in how you feel. Let me tell you – it only gets better! And remember…the name of the game is progress not perfection. Be gentle with yourself – for many people, these secrets represent a huge life change. I urge you to educate yourself on pH balance with the acid/alkaline dance

CALL for a Consultation appointment- If you have gut issues, candida, weight problems, hormonal imbalances or any other chronic diseases, text or Call. Big Pharma is in the business of selling drugs; these drugs are only symptomatic, they do not cure the core problems and cause more problems in your bodies with prolong use. Most diseases can be reversed if caught before your body starts breaking down which in turn causes multiple diseases.  In my own life I have reversed Candida, memory loss, weened off thyroid medication, healed an appendicitis & prevented surgery, reversed my hormonal imbalance and healed a Fibroid in my uterus without drugs; all naturally. I believe everything is curable, you just have to find the right modality that works for you and your individual body chemistry.  I am now a Healthy & happy 65 yrs. in mind, body and spirit living my dreams in Bali, Indonesia. I am here on this planet living my life purpose and soul’s mission of helping others  towards Awakening and becoming a Whole Healthy Human again because this is our Divine birthright. Optimum Health & Eternally youthful- is my motto and I believe we can all learn how to Self-Heal.

Stop Making Us Guinea Pigs 

March 25, 2015, New York Times

The issues surrounding G.M.O.s – genetically modified organisms – became more complicated  when the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the widely used herbicide Roundup, probably causes cancer in humans. Two insecticides, malathion and diazinon, were also classified as “probable” carcinogens by the agency, a respected arm of the World Health Organization. Roundup, made by Monsanto for both home and commercial use, is crucial in the production of genetically engineered corn and soybean crops, so it was notable that the verdict on its dangers came nearly simultaneously with an announcement by the Food and Drug Administration that new breeds of genetically engineered potato and apple are safe to eat. Few people are surprised that an herbicide in widespread use is probably toxic at high doses or with prolonged exposure, circumstances that may be common among farmers and farmworkers. Nor is it surprising that it took so long – Roundup has been used since the 1970s – to discover its likely carcinogenic properties. There is a sad history of us acting as guinea pigs for the novel chemicals that industry develops. To date, G.M.O.s and other forms of biotech have done nothing but enrich their manufacturers and promote a system of agriculture that’s neither sustainable nor for the most part beneficial. We don’t need better, smarter chemicals along with crops that can tolerate them; we need fewer chemicals. There’s no reason to put the general population, and particularly the farming population, at risk for the sake of industry profits.

Note: Monsanto’s Roundup and the GMO crops that support its use are well-known by scientists to be a threat to public health. For more, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on GMO risks and how these are covered up. Recently Monsanto has been purchased by Bayer Pharmaceutical Co.

GMO Science Deniers: Monsanto and the USDA
March 20, 2015, Huffington Post

Note: Read more about how GMO technology has backfired, producing new “superweeds” and “superbugs” that threaten crop production. For more, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on GMO risks and how these are covered up.

Note: The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose or treat an illness.