QLS Pricing

QLS Pricing


Beyond Time and Space

Reiki Quantum Energy Chakra Healing-

This 1-hour session includes a Quantum Energy (Reiki) clearing and balancing of the chakras, meridians, Bio-energy (auric) field, and the chakra webbings ( a technique I learned in India that means clearing of any past life, childhood woundings, or shadow self residue).
Merkaba Lightbody Activation
Merkaba/Lightbody Activation and adding breathwork to remove chords, attachments, patterns, and negative thought-forms.

Energy Psychology-Ancestral/Lineage DNA and Family Purification – 3 Part Sessions for Lifetime Clearings.  Sessions include Meridian, Aura Balancing, and deep Chakra webbing cleansing with balancing. Also Light Body and Akashic DNA Activations to 12 strands.

Ancestral Family DNA Lineage

These sessions will help to release and heal core trauma wounds from birth till now. I will be downloading Chakra and bio-energy field transmissions to upgrade your consciousness to higher dimensions.  I will use toning and chanting, Divine Rishi Light Codes of Absolute Source downloads, and Breathwork to enhance and support this lineage healing process.

The sessions are 2 weeks apart allowing for proper processing.  This is an Energy Psychology guided theta healing hypnosis process.  3 Sessions to start- but depending on your individual history and if a disease is present, more sessions could be required if needed.  *See more information & descriptions.   


Lightbody and Akashic 12 Strand DNA Activations-


This Activation is in 2 Sessions. The 1st Session is the preparatory session for purification to assist in the upgrade of the theta brainwave hypnosis Akashic DNA Activation.  It includes a Reading with a Quantum Energy (Reiki) clearing and balancing of the meridians, chakras, Bio-energy (auric) field, and the chakra webbings (this means clearing of any past life or childhood woundings or shadow self residue).  A Merkaba Activation adds breathwork clearing by removing chords, attachments, patterns, and negative thought forms.


12-Strand DNA Upgrade


   The 2nd Session is a brain entrainment method for divine remembrance of your Akashic Records accessing the 12 strands of DNA, so it is individual on how many more sessions you will need.  This Theta brainwave hypnosis healing method will remove blockages and raise vibration.              


*See AKASHIC DNA ACTIVATIONS  for information & descriptions




Akashic Record Purification

I will start with an original reading from your Higher Self.  I will test the vibration and frequency on your entire Lightbody Auric field to see where you are vibrating.  What this means is the Lightbody auric field consists of your physical body vibration, then the subtle etheric body vibration

This consists of the first field around your body which is the physical etheric body, then the etheric subtle emotional/astral body, then the mental etheric body, then the etheric subtle spiritual body, 

Then we will look at the overall general frequency that you are vibrating from a combination of all these calculations together which is muscle-tested and I use the pendulum, which I have Mastered from 30 years of practice and use.  Your Higher Self will tell us this general calculation.

Then you will prepare the required list for the next reading and determine the people, situations, ancestral DNA distortion, childhood trauma, trapped emotions, patterns, bad habits, and duality programs we are all running in the 3-D faulty and corrupt Matrix. 

We will review the generic 3-D distorted Matrix Contracts or programs that you still carry energy on. Some will be cleared and healed through life experiences which many of you have naturally released through growth and purification.  We will clear past, parallel, present, and future Contracts with all timelines and dimensions. 

Akashic Journey

We will go to the Halls of Amenti in the Higher Dimensions in a Conscious trance of Meditation through a process of removal and Purification.  I learned about the Akashic back in 2000 when I attended the Berkley Psychic Institute/Order of the Ascended Rose, from the prophecies, trances, and downloads of Edgar Cayce. The teachings also came from the Divine Feminine downloads of the Ascended Rose.  I had only used it occasionally in certain situations.

In 2023, I received a Vision from Babaji, one of my Master Teachers since my student studies with Paramahansa Yogananda in Kriya Yoga at Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, California in 1970. Babji said, “The Time Is Now!” I kept asking Spirit “What does this mean?” Then the information and downloads came shortly after, I was to add a new detailed Akashic Record Clearing to my Sessions. I was told the Divine Timing is NOW and the Awakening ones are ready. 

So if you have been doing much shadow work, Neg Ego mind detaching and shedding, and you Feel you still are mind looping through these processes and repeating the same emotions and situations without conscious awareness like a hamster on the wheel, then this New Akashic Soul’s blueprint Purification can be the next step to Awareness of the programs you still carry, 

The main concern. is you have to be OPEN to unlimited possibilities without expectations or agendas.  Are you READY to let Spirit bring these programs and residuals into your conscious awareness and your fields for transmutation and transcendence?  You have to be ready and able to take responsibility for the duality programs still present and the PAST you still are carrying.  Which plays as all past, parallel, present, and future lives, karma, and what is happening within you and also in the collective consciousness.



REMOTE REIKI-QUANTUM ENERGY Chakra healings- 1 hr  $111



  • 1st Session REMOTE  Higher Self Reading/Consultation-3hr+ $199
  • 2nd Session REMOTE-2+hrs  $149
  • 3rd Session REMOTE-2+hrs  $149




  • 1st REMOTE DNA Session-Higher Self Reading/Consultation 1.5 hr $145
  • 2nd REMOTE Akashic DNA & Lightbody Activation  Session-1.5 hr $145



  • Higher Self Reading and List Testing with Consultation-2 hr+  $199
  • 1st REMOTE  Akashic Purification Clearing- 2+hrs  $149
  • 2nd REMOTE Akashic Purication Clearing-2+hrs  $149




3 Part Sessions for Lifetime Clearings.

  • 1st Session and Higher Self Reading/Consultation-Birth till 10 yrs of age Childhood-3 hr $227
  • 2nd Session Teenage Years-2+ hr $177
  • 3rd Session  Adulthood-2+ hr $177



  • 1st DNA Session-Includes Higher Self Reading/Consultation and Activation-2 hr  $159      
  • 2nd DNA & Lightbody Activation Session-1.5 hr $159



  • Higher Self Reading and List Testing with Consultation-2 hr+  $227
  • 1st REMOTE  Akashic Purification Clearing- 2+hrs  $177
  • 2nd REMOTE Akashic Purication Clearing-2+hrs  $177


  • Dissolves anger, depression, and grief

  • Liberates fear, anxiety, and panic

  • Unwinds repressed emotional trauma

  • Eliminates self-doubt and confusion

  • Creates true self-worth and self-confidence

  • Improves sleeping patterns

  • Enhances loving, trusting relationships

  • Heals sexual trauma and abuse

  • Resolves the core issues of physical disease

  • Rapid recovery from surgery

  • Transforms lower self-energy to higher self-expression

  • Reconnects to Divine Source and opens you to ecstasy



IN PERSON-Full Payment/Ancestral/Lineage -Discount Pckg. Consultation+3-  2hr Healing Sessions-$529

REMOTE-Full Payment/Ancestral/Lineage- Discount Pckg. Consultation+3-   2hr Healing Sessions-$449

IN PERSON-Full Payment/DNA Activation -Discount Pckg.  Consultation+3-  1.5 hr Healing Sessions-$268

REMOTE-Full Payment/DNA Activation -Discount Pckg. Consultation+3-   1.5hr Healing Sessions-$240


IN PERSON-Full Payment/Akashic Record Purification-  Discount Pckg. w/Consultation+3-  2hr Healing Sessions-$529

REMOTE-Full Payment/Akashic Record Purification- Discount Pckg. w/Consultation +3 -2hrs Healing Sessions-$449


  • Brings into Conscious Awareness Programs that you didn’t realize or understand
  • Helps to recognize Duality 3-D Matrix Reality
  • Commitment to taking responsibility
  • Commitment to Integrity in every thought, conversation, and action
  • Understanding and becoming more authentic
  • More effort into Mastering Self-Love and opening the Higher Heart
  • Awareness in keeping the Ego Mind in balance by correcting the positive thoughts, conversations, and actions
  • Healing the Physical body to Optimum Health and Eternal Youthfulness
  • Releasing the fear of Death and focusing on Immortality, our natural bllueprint
  • Creating strength and endurance within the physical body
  • Creating more Focus and Clarity of Mind
  • Transmuting the trapped emotions using Breathwork, kundalini Yoga, and Sound Healing
  • Recognizing repeating trapped emotions and the wounded inner child cycles
  • welcoming change and starting to Think and Feel unlimited possibilities and unlimited potential
  • Activate and inspire your Creativity
  • understanding your soul’s purpose and Divine Soul’s Mission
  • Embrace and accentuate your harmony and balance within, and find your inner peace through meditation and nature

I support your ongoing process with emails, texts, and phone calls when necessary. If a call extends over 1 hour, there will be a $50 charge.                      I I also provide guidance and many extra tools for your Self-Healing Maintenance program.

After your initial 3-session 6-week program, I will set up an individual program designed for your ongoing healing, mastership, and learning to be a Teacher yourself if you choose. These extended programs are weekly or as long as it takes you to reach your desired goal or outcome leaving room for living, Integrating, and life schedules.

Those who have experienced much life trauma, abuse, addiction, or consistent depression and long-term illnesses usually require a longer program. 

I do not advertise, as I have a quota of clients I like to sustain.  I only work from what Spirit brings to me through referrals.  This work is very deep and requires discipline, readiness, and a desire to ultimately HEAL. We work together in the Homeostasis of the body within the Quantum field of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Telephone Coaching:  Life, Spiritual & Nutritional-1 hr $70

THE BENEFITS OF THREE SESSION DNA SERIES is that each session builds on the previous session. This gives an experience of more opening and receptivity to a more significant result. The more you experience the effects, the more you will feel the tangible benefits over time. Our emotional and mental imbalances (termed as stress) behaviors, patterns, and old false beliefs we have adopted along the road of our lives are like layers of an onion.

Quantum Energy Healing peels these layers away one by one, with your cooperation; this energy work will discover and dissolve the root causes of these old wounds whether they are in your physical body, emotions, thoughts, or spiritual connection.  As it removes them from your consciousness, your vibration will be increased and your brain and mind are retrained to Remember your Divinity as this process restores you to a state of empowerment for living a radiantly whole and healthy life.  This will escalate your journey towards Ascension.

 Pet Healing Sessions- $50

While Traveling in Thailand I visited an Elephant Sanctuary.  All the elephants had been born in the Sanctuary except for this Grandmother who was a rescue.  I gave her a healing and could feel her past sadness about the long life she had lived in captivity being treated unfairly and abused.

She was now very happy to be here with her family.   Her daughter and granddaughter were born in this sanctuary. The bond between her and the granddaughter was extraordinary and so sweet to watch.  What magnificent animals.

If you plan a trip to Asia to ride Elephants, please do your research beforehand.  These people have been in the Elephant business for centuries. There is much abuse at the places and Companies where you ride the elephants. Much awareness and education need to be taught.  The saddles sometimes break their backs over time because they are ridden so hard day in and day out and the elephants are chained up on short chains when they are not being ridden.  It is much wiser to visit an Elephant Sanctuary where they are not mistreated.  Of course after the healing with Grandma, “I thought who was Healing Who”?? We had a nice conversation with mutual gratitude.

After a Quantum Healing Session, you may experience significant and substantial shifts in mind, body, emotions, and spirit. You may feel a reduction or elimination of your symptoms, or even a sense of love, acceptance, and deep letting go. Whether you’re dealing with physical challenges or the next stage of your spiritual evolution, this is the place to let go of your old patterns, habits, and belief systems that no longer serve your True Divine Self.

These sessions and healings will catapult you forward with your true life’s purpose.  With lineage clearings, you may experience a shift in reaction and triggers to past traumas, people, places, and situations naturally lessening your aggravation.  This means you will be put in a similar situation as in your past that used to bother you, or around a person that irritated you but now you feel neutral within the situation.   Every person is unique with different blocks, imbalances, and history.  Each person has a unique evolutionary path and physical chemistry makeup so each person’s benefits are different.

This website is dedicated to all seekers of the Light who hold a focus on Service in Love. Upgrading your vibration and bringing your focus to  Mastering Self-LOve and Love in Oneness for all beings.  Love through merging with your multidimensional Selves, awakens the dormant DNA and activates your sacred Merkabah/Light Body.

When we truly understand that the entire experience of Life, from beginning to end, is about serving others through the Cosmic Flame of unconditional Love, we are on our way to becoming co-creators to the Company of Heaven in this magical weaving of Life. As we step into a deeper level of trust and surrender, allowing each Now moment to embrace the Divine within ourselves and others, we have the opportunity to experience The Golden Liquid Crystalline Light Purifyimg the entire Lightbody Field which is the process of Ascension.

Cosmic Flame of Divine Love of our Mother/Father/Child-God The Sacred Trinity of the 3-Flame Krystal Star Code.