Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine

Preventive Medicine versus Symptomatic Medicine


As my Shaman, Christof Melchizidek states there is a basic energetic law that states you don’t solve a problem by fighting the problem… In other words you can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it, you have to go beyond.

You need to use this same approach for overcoming health challenges. Rather than focus on the disease, you need to focus on creating health in the system.
What has happened is that our modern medical system has got caught up in fighting the disease.  We have developed better and better treatments, treatments designed to keep symptoms at bay.

It’s not the symptoms you need to fight, you need to focus on the root cause and from there work on the environment.   By focusing on restoring the environment to its pristine condition, then health begins to be restored by the immune system doing its job and eliminating toxin invaders and nonself cells.

Don’t get me wrong modern medicine is amazing at the acute response, if there is an accident or an injury modern medicine saves lives, reduces pain and puts people back together better than ever.  If I am ever in an accident give me modern medicine any day of the week.  However for a health challenge, perhaps going down the approach of treating symptoms is a little short-sighted.

The challenge we have with modern medicine is that it has applied cartesian thinking to its model of health care, and often does not consider human emotion and psychological trauma, belief systems, and various other energetic influences that interact with the system.

For example, cancer isn’t the disease, it is just a symptom, the actual disease is deeper than that, it is a physical mental, emotional, and spiritual crisis.   To beat cancer you have to get to the root cause, cancer is NOT the root cause.  If you cut out cancer or do any of the chemo, radiation, aggressive surgeries it WILL SIMPLY COME BACK, unless you actually work on the root cause of the disease, which is the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual misalignment.
Now I’m not against the modern medicine approach to addressing cancer, which may shock some of you… I’m just against not doing any of the additional work across the Mind-Body-Energy triad.  If you have surgery or chemo, then you MUST do psychological processing and try and identify internal traumas and release them, you need to get your energy field cleaned, you should take extra nutrients, and it is suggested to formulate a daily spiritual practice that promotes stillness.
Simply doing the modern medical approach alone and burying your head in the sand for the rest is a sure-fire way to invite cancer back.  And it usually comes back within 5 years.
Even better is to work on getting yourself aligned physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually before you get sick, so that you may actually start experiencing the energy of FLOW.
Through intuition, experience, and numerous new studies of the mind-body-spirit triad in Holistic Medicine, energy medicine & alternative therapies I have provided much knowledge on this website to get you started on a path of Preventative Health, mind, body & emotions.  It is up to you to take the first steps back to wholeness.