Take a deep breath in and visualize a 4 foot diameter Platinum Column of Light emanating from the center of the Universe-Divine Source energy coming down around you and through you.  It fully encases your body.  You are inside the cylinder and it continues down to the the Molton Core of Mother Earth as you release the breath.
You are grounding your Soul into your physical body and flushing out any foreign energies from your space.


In order to activate your new Grounding Chord, First Intend from your Heart the following:

I Intend to flush out and release all negative & foreign energies, entities, thought-forms, all burnt and spent karmas that no longer serve my highest good….
my meridian system, from all my subtle bodies, (physical, emotional, mental & etheric field) from my chakra system 1-15 and all aspects of my Consciousness…. all times and dimensions ..past, present and future… Right Now and So IT IS!!

When you take a deep breath in through your nose, imagine the Platinum Light coming down and filling up your body.  As you breath out through your mouth tilt your head downward and imagine your breathe flushing out all the foreign energies from your space and body down the Grounding Chord into the core of the Earth and thereby you are activating the 4 ft diameter Platinum Cylinder.

My Intent Is – To come fully into my physical body, and be fully grounded – Right Now and So It Is” ! “My Intent Is – To bring my Aura in to a distance of 18 inches from my physical body in all directions, and above, and below – Right Now and So It Is” !     thD0ODPPDU

Once you understand this exercise it only takes a few minutes.  You can shorten it to your liking once you have read the explanation.  In the beginning you can read the intention out-loud until you memorize it but you only need to say it once and just repeat the breath and visualization 3 times.

You are now ready to start your day!! Balanced and protected!!

 The Platinum Cosmic Light
The Rainbow Ray of Creation and 
the Sacred Fire for Group Avatar

 The Platinum Light will dynamically strengthen all of us like empty bamboos, strong and flexible in our role as Divine Conduits. Through this multiversal, multi-purposed MIRACLE RAY OF MANIFESTATION, we will advance our skill sets to work more intimately with the Elohim and elemental kingdoms to expand their qualities in each region of the Earth, through our Zero Point group energy field, the void where the Power of Creation resides.
The Platinum Ray is the Rainbow Ray of Creation. It is the Miracle Manifesting Light that synthesizes, fuses, harmonizes, joins, balances.

 With this exquisite Sacred Fire energy, we will cleanse and transform, unifying the extremes of polarity into harmonic balance… negative with the positive, masculine with feminine, yin with yang… creating unification through its diamond ascension flames. As the blinders are lifted from humanity’s consciousness, we will fill the void right away with the platinum rays so that humanity’s rebirth is faster and more complete.
SPONTANEOUS HEALING comes from the Platinum Cosmic Light. We are encouraged to invoke and use the platinum frequency in all healing and transformative activity from this point forward…

  • through our healing on others

  • dissolving sytems

  • sinister manipulations

  • divisive world situations

  • areas of suffering and warring

  • anything that can benefit from the activity of UNION, fusion  and the coalescing of electronic activity… basically… all life!

We will be increasingly shown how to use this great gift of Sacred Platinum Light for miracle manifestations.
Platinum Light emits a spherical radiation through its pulsations to the Earth…with a harmonic expression that seeks to create total inclusion and fusion. From its Great Central Sun point of origination, this light brings an eternal vibration and the evolutionary Divine Direction for Earth and Humanity, as a microcosm of the macrocosm.
It is this platinum spherical frequency that we will implant into the Crystalline Grid to activate the POWER OF LIFE here on the Earth as a unified field of energy operating in absolute balance. This conscious seeding will assist to open the platinum stargate, bridging Earth to universal dimension.