For deeper sleep and lucid dreaming create A Triangle Pyramid vortex under your bed where you sleep as such:

Clear Quartz Crystalth3562ILKN

Pele (Hawaiian Goddess of Fire)—

First clear the crystals by saying “By the power vested in me through Mother/Father/God and the Holy Spirit I cleanse this crystal from any and all negative energies from all times and dimensions- past, present and future. And so it is— Placed at the north end of the bed or at your head under your bead.

Now by the power vested in me “I bless this crystal with the energy of Pele”


A Green Stone or CrystalthT2XKFS06 such as Florite, aventurine etc.

First cleanse, then Bless with the energy of the Sea Turtle- (masculine energy) placed at the left of the quartz crystal or to the west end, under your bed.


A Rose Quartz Crystalrough_rose_quartz

First cleanse and then Bless with the Dolphin energy—(feminine energy) place to the right of Quartz crystal or to the east, under your bed.

Once you have picked and programmed the crystals –only use them for the vortex you have created around your bed. thMH97Y9IU

This vortex is blessing you with better sleep patterns and deeper sleep along with lucid dreaming!!! Have intention before you go to bed each night of such.

You are a powerful Self-Healer and remember you are now a 5th dimensional-Light Body Being that can live within this pranic life energy flow of light. Continue to tell your cells that prana is your friend and it is the light-food for your cells!

Repeat and intend every morning before you get out of bed, also throughout the day when you remember. Continue to make it a daily practice to Intend this paragraph below 4 times.

6b02c2ef08e8482a035efa77977784f1“I am the Conscious Self-Healing Master of all the cells in my body, I choose peace, joy and harmony for every cell in my body!!! I AM in 100% Alignment with the Light and my I AM Presence.