Meyer Baba’s Ashram-Amendaghar

Meyer Baba’s Ashram-Amendaghar

Meyer Baba’s Ashram-Amendaghar

We left Delhi on a 2-day Train to Amendaghar near to Pune.  We decided to break up the trip to the south and Thank God we did. 4 days on a train would be way too much.  Its important to bring your own food on the train if you want to eat. Train food in India is worse then train food in the US.  We arrived too late to stay in the Ashram that night.   So the Ashram recommended a hotel nearby.  The Hotel was excellent for a dirty, dusty lil’ nothing of a town.  We ate at their Italian restaurant in the hotel and was pleasantly surprised by the gourmet food.  It was like a diamond in the rough of a western cowboy impoverished town.  The next morning we headed to the Ashram.  image

Sanjay had been here 2 times before.  I knew nothing of this Guru and Sanjay originally wanted to stay 5 days. I was in total resistance & talked him into 3 days which actually ended up being perfect for both of us.

The night we entered the town my heart started physically hurting in my chest. I then knew I was affected by the vibration opening my heart.  I had dealt with this feeling before with my friends & clients who had experienced shifts in the awakening heart. I then knew this would be a very interesting & educational 3 days. The Ashram was beautiful out in a desert setting.  Meyer Baba & his followers had built a lil’ paradise.

Staying in Ashrams is very very inexpensive and includes 3 fantastic meals a day. I had never experienced Ashrams so I was very surprised. Where had I been all my life??  Raising kids & working my ass off!! LOL   I was so amazed by the food. Fresh vegetarian cuisine. The chef was American and we looked forward to the meals, they were so tasty.

Simple rooms, nice & neat with shared, very clean bathrooms.  There was a library with many books on Baba and videos of his life.  Each morning and night was a kirtan ceremony of singing & blessing at his Samadhi (which is his burial site)

image image

Local tilling the soil at Ashram property & couldn’t resist a pic with Hot Pink turban Dude!

There were many people from all over the world-Baba followers who we met at the Ashram.  It was quite interesting listening to everyone’s stories of how Baba had changed their lives & how they came to be a Baba disciple.  image

Many hippies from the 60’s & 70’s, of course now my age, who had come to India then & learned of him.  Still devout followers.  So I prayed & asked Baba to let me feel him, get to know him or show me a sign..image image

I read a book about his life while I was there to understand his life & work.  The last day we were there Sanjay & I watched amazing videos of his life & travels in the 50’s & 60’s.  He toured Europe & America in those times of his life.  image

image I was so amazed that I had never heard of him.  He was very popular in the united states. At the same time Yogananda Paramahansa, my earlier Guru, had surged in popularity.  Meyer Baba was an Avatar who had chosen to live in SILENCE most of his life.  He was very diverse in his projects he pursued in India. He was always helping and assisting the poor, and mostly those on the path of enlightenment, the Siddhu’s and the Mosts.   He had 4 different Master Gurus who administered different stages of his enlightenment & God Consciousness at each level of his journey.  Meyer Baba brought me the answers to my questions & prayers in my dreams at night. He came to me in many forms of communication.  I knew he was an Enlightened One who had changed many lives & increased consciousness on the planet.  I wished I had known him when he was living and felt so blessed & honored to get to know & feel his presence. A beautiful series of moments in time.   He has Ashrams & hermitages in Myrtle Beach, Ojai & Los Angeles in the US which I was unaware of.

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