Merkaba Activation

Merkaba Activation


Merkaba Mandala

Sacred Geometry – Star Tetrahedron-3 Dimensional Star of David       
Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle to connect with the higher realms.

The utilization of the human light-body toroidal/torsion field leads to Ascension. Mer-Ka-Ba is a vehicle for movement between dimensions. Merkaba is the energy field around the human physical body, consisting of two counter-rotating triangles, spinning with the speed of light. 

Through meditation, this field can be amplified.  It is a state of awareness, that will be a common feature of the future of humanity as the Multi-Dimensional Universal Divine Human is Integrated through the quantum leap into the Unlimited Potentiality of accessing Universal Plasma and Aether frequency and vibration.

Universal Plasma Energy     We have been lied to. We are coming into a time of understanding and grasping ever-expanding Consciousness. The integration of quantum physics leaps merging the frequency and vibration of everything that exists in our Universe and beyond.  The Embodiment and Integration of the Ascension Process.

Below are the Meditation instructions to create a protective Merkaba hologram Lightbody field.  This is just a tutorial to understand and Visualize how this Quantum electro-magnetic field operates and works.  As you familiarize yourself with this multi-dimensional divine knowledge and wisdom you will FEEL the inner knowingness if this is Divine Truth for you.

At this point, it may look complicated, but as your consciousness expands the absorption starts to respond and it becomes easier. If you FEEL this information to be true in your Heart; then just through practice, Intention, and Inner guidance you will become the Lightbody.  Remember, as there is Order and Hierarchy within our Planet based on 3-D duality distortion, there is also Divine order, sacred geometric, quantum physics, layers of expanding consciousness through higher dimensions and densities, and the Universal Laws of which the Universe operates from Creation.

Consciousness HierarchyThere is an Audio shorter version of this meditation to listen to at the bottom of the page. 









After eventually memorizing and practicing, this Instructional Meditation you will become the Lightbody Merkaba and only have to INTEND by saying out loud or in your Minds Eye “Merkaba Activate.” At that point, you will visualize instantly and FEEL the Light movement within and the electrical light pulses all around you. You will be instantly Grounded and Protected at all times naturally. This process is different for each person because of how long this takes.

Universal Laws of One








The more you have purified the shadow within your Lightbody field, the faster the process. Shadow is density and this process also helps to release that density through Intention, which in turn opens up to more space within the fields of Light.



Create a Protective Merkaba

Around the Earth is the Golden Crystalline Grid of Light. Some refer to this as the meridians, or the ley lines around the Earth.  This Grid is a Higher Dimensional energetic field of golden light connecting the crystals, portals, and vortices, connected to the inner earth and out to the Universe.  Here is a podcast that best explains this:

Visualize this Golden Crystalline Grid around the Earth and you are accessing this Light and merging it with the Crystal Core of the Earth

Hara Grounding light energy.

Golden Crystalline Grid
Crystal Core of 5-D Earth/New Tara Energy

Creating a 12 ft. portal of the merging Grid 5-D energy with Hara grounding Earth energy. Now Ascend this portal upward through the earth’s crust and on up through your body and your auric field connected to your Higher Self. Intend to bring your chakras into balance and harmony, aligned one to another.


Now Bring the Sacred Violet Flames

12 Ft. Portal in Violet Flame

all around your Lightbody, which consists of your physical body, your auric fields, and your Higher Divine Self Hologram all within the 12 Ft portal.

Solar System/Sun
Galaxy/Central Sun
Universe/Great Central Sun

Now look up to the solar system rotating around our Solar Sun and ascend up through the Solar Sun. Then look up to the Galaxcy rotating around the Galactic central Sun. Moving upward inside your portal through the galactic Sun.  Then look up to the center of the Universe/Creation. Move your portal up into the Great Central Sun of the Universe.

Portal from Earth to the Universe
Lightbody Hologram








Now Intend Universal Healing Plasma and Aether frequencies spinning within your Lightbody Portal. Also, INTEGRATE the Divine Mother Sophia healing energies merging and healing the distorted Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Divine Sophia Mother Energies blasting Earth

Intend to integrate the orbs Of Aurora Divine Medical Assistance Progam.




Stating from the Mind’s Eye”I AM THE CONSCIOUS SELF-HEALING MASTER of my body, emotions, mind, and soul with the integration of Krystos Consciousness, Unity Consciousness or Oneness (whatever you resonate with)’

Orbs of Aurora










Now bring the Golden Crystalline plasma/aetherCreator Source portal down through the higher dimensions, through the Central Sun of the galaxy, our solar sun, and through your Higher Self completely surrounding your entire Morphogenetic Lightbody Hologram and through your body all the way down back to the core of the earth.

Morphogenetic Lightbody Field










Mix the Golden Crystalline plasma/Aether healing energy with Hara earth energy, recalibrating and regenerating merging the two and forming it into a laser beam shooting it back up through the earth and up through the bottoms of your feet up to your Crown chakra.  Intend to align your chakras in balance and harmony.  Now Focus on the Heart. Massage your heart with the Plasmic/Aetheric Golden Crystalline Source energy Intending the heart to pump the liquid golden light into every cell, tissues, and DNA molecule within your body.

Lightbody Merkaba

Now expand the Golden crystalline plasma/aether light energy out to the edges of your Portal /Hologram about 12 ft. out to the edges of your field. Intend to fill every electron, proton, and atom with the Plasma/Aether Golden crystalline Source Light within your Portal.  

Mentally and Visually call on you’re I Am God Presence.

Then visualize a golden 3-dimensional pyramid triangle descending down from the center of the Universe/Source.  The top point will be just above your head and the bottom of the triangle will be just below your feet.  Now spin this Divne Masculine aspect triangle clockwise.

Just Observe the spin detached without using your mind.  Then visualize an inverted golden pyramid triangle ascending upward from the core of the earth with the point downward.  This triangle moves up through the existing Divine Masculine 3-D triangle, merging the 2 triangles into a Star Tetrahedron.  Spin the Divine Feminine bottom triangle counter-clockwise, just being in detached observation of the 2 triangles spinning in opposite directions.  Now you have created your Merkaba-Lightbody of waves, ribbons, strings, electrical pulses, and lightning bolts moving in all directions like a Torsion Field of Light.


Now set the Intention to communicate directly with your Avatar Christ Self for setting the Merkaba spin pattern to your personal Merkaba sacred mathematical alignment that is within each person’s light biology.  For stronger protection Intend that the outer walls of the Merkaba are mirrored golden liquid light that reflect any energies that no longer serve your Higher Self are transmuted in the Violet flames into Unconditional Love – back to Sender. 

 I Am Grounded, I Am Sovereign, I Am Free and Protected, I Am Strong, Focused and Clear, I Am Optimum Health, Eternal Youthfulness, on my Liberation journey each and every moment of this day. 

So Be it.

Audio Meditation of Merkaba Exercise


Scientific proof from Billy Carson of the Merkaba existence and use.  Dive deep into the ancient mysteries with Billy Carson. Discover the secrets behind the Merkaba Light Vessel and how it’s quantumly entangled with universal consciousness.

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As you learn and memorize you can shorten or abbreviate to your liking and understanding.merkaba 2 Video on The Merkaba