Merkaba Activation

Merkaba Activation

Merkaba Spin
Sacred Geometry – Star Tetrahedron-3 Dimensional Star of David
Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle to connect with the higher realms.

The utilizing of the human light-body leads to ascension. Mer-Ka-Ba is a vehicle for movement between dimensions. Merkaba is the energy field around the human physical body, consisting of two counter-rotating triangles, spinning with the speed of light. Through meditation, this field can be amplified.  It is a state of awareness, that will be a common feature of the future humanity. A part of the Ascension process.

Man Within Merkaba Vehicle




 Create a Protective Merkaba

Great Central Universal Sun


Bring down a cylinder of Rose-Gold Plasma Light 4 ft in diameter, coming down through the dimensions, through your higher self and around your entire morphogenetic hologram around and through your body all the way to the core of the earth.


Mix the Rose-Gold plasma energy with hara earth energy and bring it back up through the bottoms of your feet up into your heart.  Now expand the Rose-Gold plasma light energy out to the edges of your field all around your hologram.  Mentally and visually call on your I Am Presence.





Then visualize a golden triangle ascending from the center of the core of the earth with the point movng up through your Hologram landing about 4 in. above your head. This is the masculine aspect, now Intending to spin the triangle clockwise.  Then visualize an inverted golden triangle with the point descendng down from the Universe/Source 4 in. below your feet. Now spin this feminine aspect triangle counter-clockwise.

Male-Female merkaba
Now set the Intention to communicate directly with your Avatar Christ Self for setting the merkaba spin pattern to your personal merkaba mathematical alignment that is within each persons light biology.
For stronger protection Intend that the outer walls of the merkaba are so thick and so strong that no negative energies, entities or thought forms can penetrate it.

I am Safe, I am Sovereign, I am Free and protected on my journey each and every moment of this day.  So Be it.

As you learn and memorize you can shorten or abbreviate to your liking and understanding.

merkaba 2 Video on The Merkaba