I’m back!!!  It’s been a long sabbatical, much world travel, a deeper dive into the journey of increasing my vibration, integrating new crystalline energy and assisting healing many loved ones throughout the world.  I lived in bali for 3 years and have many dreamtime stories to share. Now I’ve been enjoying  southern Calif for the last 6 months assisting family through these crazy times.  Bali is closed till next year so no movement back.  I’m working again on updating my website which is a constant situation as the energies are consistently moving higher every year.  Now, I’m sure you can feel how intense the energies are being flooded into earth at this time, to release all lower densities on all levels in this 3 D matrix. This clears & cleanses the vessel to be able to hold the crystalline light energies on the path to Ascension.  More later.