Hoping for Connection with Sanjay

Hoping for Connection with Sanjay

Hoping for Connection with Sanjay

Hello Blog Family

I apologize for the delay of my posting.  The communication & wifi situation has been a Challenge to say the least.  For some reason FB always works- go figure- and streaming or the internet connection is spotty and unpredictable.  So unfortunately I have been unable to blog.  I will try my best from here on out but may not be consistent.

So I will start with my plane trip ✈️✈️✈️

On one of the best International airlines- Emirates.  As I walked through the airport in LA to board my flight I saw a large group of young people laughing & enjoying one another while waiting for their flight.   I found out they were the Dubai Team of Special Olympics and they were celebrating their team wins.  Of course it was a heart-felt moment of happiness for them.  I proceeded onto my gate.  When I arrived, I saw more of them waiting for the same flight with all their coaches and some parents for the severely disabled.   As flight time drew near the entire group gathered to board .  The entire plane was 3/4 full with their Special Olympics Team.  I still had no idea what I was in for over the next 19 hours.   So all I can say is Thank God for ear phones & an assortment of good movies on the flight.  The kids could not sit still and were partying, screaming & yelling the entire flight.    It was like being on a sports team party bus.  Now as I look back I gotta laugh at the whole experience.  All you can say is “Interesting”  If you dare  complain, well you’d really be a judgemental. Ass____!!! So grin & bare.  But  in your mind an entirely different conversation is going on!!  LOL.

Luckily changed planes in Dubai & got to sleep on the 5 hr flight into Delhi.   It really wasn’t that bad once your on the ground. LOL

Delhi, India

At first saying to myself OK this is just another third world  country- this is the usual, heck I was just in Peru -piece of cake.  Of course it started raining & my friend Hal- Indian name Sanjay is nowhere to be seen!  So the local Indians start hounding me for a taxi.  I can’t get a hold of Sanjay on the cell phone.  So my intuition says just wait & be calm, he will show up.  Finally I get a text that he is on his way.  So finally in an hour he shows up right when my phone is about to die. Relief and excitement.

A brief history on my traveling buddy- Sanjay. He has been living in India for 6 years now and been traveling here for 25 yrs.  He loves this country & it doesn’t hurt that it has always been so inexpensive & affordable.  We have been friends for 27 yrs. and he knows the ropes, so my saving grace for this journey and a wonderul tour guide.

So we make it to our comfortable & lovely Airbnb  room where he had a reservation.  A warm & accommodating Indian family own it with kitchenette & our own living room.  So I ended up sleeping for 12 hrs straight.  I awoke with no jet lag and ready for my new India experience.  To be continued on my next Blog!!  Victoria experiences Delhi    ?????????

Love to all,

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