Grounding is an important tool to heal your body because it provides stabilizing and a way to release unwanted energies.  It enables you to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.  It allows you to be aware of being in the NOW.   When you are grounded, others feel more comfortable around you and you begin to feel more at peace in your life.   Hara Energy is often referenced in martial arts as the center of being.   Hara is where we hold our intentions, life purpose, and life task.

earth core

  1. Close your eyes and stay focused.  Create a mental image of the Core of the center of the earth (above).
  2. Take a deep breath in and bring a thick line of Hara energy up from the core, through the Earth’s crust and up through the bottoms of your feet.  Continue bringing the Hara line up through your body, up your spinal column and out the crown (Top) of your head.  Visualize the energy moving up through the heavens, through your Higher Self and up to the Great Central Sun of Divine Source Energy. This is the Celestial Heart of All There Is.space_vortex_644[1]
  3. On the exhale using the gravitational pull of the planet start moving downwards back through your body and back to the core of the earth.  On the out breath discharge any foreign or stuck energy from your body and aura. Notice how your body feels while grounding.  See the stuck energy draining out of you and into the Earth.

Practice this daily upon arising.  Ground yourself throughout the day, at home, at work, before bed, walking, standing, driving, anywhere or anytime.  The more you Ground yourself the happier and better you will feel. Now that you know about grounding, you are ready to safely be anchored in the present moment.   Walk barefoot upon the earth more,  lay down upon the grass and feel the vibration of the earth.  Hug a tree; close your eyes and feel the vibration of the tree.  The trees will speak to you if you stop and listen.  The trees carry a very high earth frequency, especially very old ones like the redwoods.thRC4AWP35Over the years I have learned and used many grounding exercises.  This particular one using Hara energy was given to me by My Shaman, Christof Melchizedek in Peru .
It has been the most powerful one I have used so far. Here is a video of Christof showing the  instructions for Hara Energy grounding exercise.