Culture Shock in Delhi

Culture Shock in Delhi

Culture Shock in Delhi

Delhi is a HOT big dirty city with too many people crammed into small spaces, horrendous traffic and signs of the worst poverty you have ever seen.  The good side is you can find whatever you need here to further your travels.  It was our stopover to get organized and rest off the jet lag.  It worked!  We did have some setbacks though. My travel-buddy Hal/Sanjay  dropped his Apple computer before I arrived and it broke!! Yikes!!  Apple is not a household word in India, actually difficult to find anyone to fix it.  He sent it off in the mail to be fixed and that meant another week in Delhi. Not liking the sound of that!  So we decided to go do some traveling while waiting. Great idea!!

For those of you who have traveled 3rd world countries, you realize all such countries have water, sewer and trash problems.  India takes the cake on all 3.  The sewer system is made up of  gutters that run along the side of every street which  flow Oh so very nicely to all of India’s rivers, oceans and streams.  Unfortunately, all of India’s bodies of water are polluted and that is such a shame and something that the government is now putting attention on.

If you start asking questions & investigating the politics, Caste system and working guts of the country, nothing makes sense. India is slow to make changes because there is not much money to work with and a melting pot of many religious traditions to satisfy.  At first my experience was an extreme culture shock of filth and not understanding the mentality of the Indians.  My mind chatter was literally saying “What the F___ have I done????

Soon you get use to the the stench, the filth and the lowest levels of poverty I have ever seen.  You learn very quickly you do not step outside of your hotel without your daily tote bag of hand sanitizer, baby wipes & small roll of toilet paper or napkins whatever you can find!!  LOL

As soon as you leave the city, everything changes and you start to feel into the people, all the different religions, the spirituality and the beauty of India. It is definitely a process,  as all  life is, experiencing and absorbing the new sights, smells and traditions.  So as I started experiencing the beauty of India; the small towns, the good food and all the delights that India offers, I began to accept what is and start to really enjoy my time here in this precious moment of New experiences.  So we rented a car with a driver to Agra, the town of the Taj Majal.  To be contnued in Agra.

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