Co-Creating the New Earth Energy

Co-Creating the New Earth Energy

Envision how you want to see our Earth unfold in its highest potential of Heaven on Earth.  If we can collectively see our vision in our daily routines and meditations then we can Co-Create the New Earth in the group intention energy.  

Just imagine a world with peace, harmony, and balance where we all share Love, Light, and the highest vibration with one another.  You say to yourself this will never happen with the way the world looks right now.  Let me show you a different perspective of what is really happening behind the scenes of this negative 3-D matrix that is crumbling right before our eyes. Oh, Divine Creator Infinite Source, “Give me the sight and vision of what I cannot see.”  “Give me the sound of what I cannot hear.”   Give me the Heart opening of what I cannot feel.”

Shout it to the world!

We are experiencing a global transformation that has brought to our awareness FEAR in its most extreme form creating separation, doubt, and confusion.  All of these frequencies are of the lowest vibrations to control the human population.  My community is called the “No Fear Tribe.”  I advocate the belief in dissolving fear by taking charge of your life through optimum health, Intention, developing intuition, and educating yourself so that you can keep your vibration higher than the 3D negative timeline of fear porn.  Daily meditation is an important tool for checking into your higher self.  In prayer, Asking Spirit for what you want and what you want to see in the transition of the New Earth.  In my previous blog, I offered tools to assist you in raising your vibration and detaching from fear.  This will all add to the healing of the collective consciousness and to the co-creating of the New Earth.

Also at this time, we are experiencing exposure to many negative and nefarious situations with Governments, Elites, and People in power. All systems are being exposed and breaking down. Old paradigms are failing. We are becoming aware of many different mental imbalances in society and many deeper explanations of our dark shadow selves in experiencing trauma throughout life.  Some of these are addiction, abuse, codependency, body chemistry imbalances, and mental diseases.  This awareness and understanding are bringing us closer to inner child and shadow healing.

Helping to identify coping mechanisms for survival that have caused much separation from community and family in our lives.





There are so many new modalities to choose from nowadays to help identify and heal these imbalances.  There is never one size fits all in health and wellness.  Everyone has different body chemistry and different emotional and mental imbalances.  We get to choose the different healing techniques that resonate with us and work for us.  I feel there is a cure for every disease, but it has to be healed from the mind, body emotion & spirit connection.  Each component has to come back into balance and alignment as they all work together for permanent success.  I offer many tools and free information on my website to assist you in your healing and to get you started in the educational process.  So as we Co-create and manifest the vision of the New Earth, we also see our mind, body, spirit connection coming into a time of optimum health from being free of disease, aging, and death.

As you visualize every day how you want to see the new Earth in the future and also manifest immortality, optimum health, and youthfulness. visualize and speak or shout it out to the Universe as if it has already taken place.  You are the Conscious Self-healing Master of all the cells and emotions in your body, mind, spirit.  You integrate the new 5 D crystalline form. So repeat every day.

I will give you some suggestions for the New Earth vision if you choose. Be creative and go towards unlimited possibilities. Dream Big!

Debt forgiveness

Food, Medicine, sale of old homes, or any essential items will be tax-free

Flat tax for non-essential  new items

Peace established throughout the world

People working together in communities for the good of all 

New technology patents released that have been shelved for years. Tesla technologies, free energy devices, gravity, sonic, scaler, and quantum machines.

Med beds to heal all diseases, antiaging, and grow back limbs.

Functional and practical building materials for longevity and useful space.

These are just a few suggestions.  Get creative & design your own ideas for a clean, sustainable, abundant New Earth.


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