I’m Back!!

I’m back!!!  It’s been a long sabbatical, much world travel, a deeper dive into the journey of increasing my vibration, integrating new crystalline energy and assisting healing many loved ones throughout the world.  I lived in bali for 3 years and have many dreamtime stories to share. Now I’ve been enjoying  southern Calif for the … Read more

My Life Journey Back to Self-Love

  In several of my situations and stories, the names are changed. Some references and details are purposely left out to remain discreet. This is out of respect and due to other circumstances of those still living out their lives. From as young as I can remember, I was always bubbly, active and a rebel … Read more

The Isha Foundation-Sadhguru

We took a train to Coimbatore, in southern Tamil Nadu.  The Ashram of Sadhguru.  I had no idea what I was about to experience!  I had been a follower of Parmahansa Yogananda in my earlier years so I knew about Guru’s.  I had chosen to follow my own path & have a direct relationship with … Read more

Climbing Arunachala-The Mountain of Light

Today we are finally climbing the mountain.  Sanjay’s housekeeper’s daughter has been a good friend & god-daughter for the last 3 yrs.  Aruna Devi came to visit for 3 days & she took me on the local tour of all her childhood days.   She grew up in this sacred energy and played on the … Read more

Sacred Ground-Tiruvannamalia, Tamil Nadu

WELCOME TO ARUNACHALA  TIRUVANNAMALIA After the heart opening with Meyer Baba it was time to move on down south to Sanjay’s Home.  We took another taxi referred by the ashram to the city of Pune.  Osho’s Ashram was located there but unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit before we caught the train.  I heard … Read more

Meyer Baba’s Ashram-Amendaghar

We left Delhi on a 2-day Train to Amendaghar near to Pune.  We decided to break up the trip to the south and Thank God we did.   4 days on a train would be way too much.  Its important to bring your own food on the train if you want to eat. Train food in … Read more