Evolution of the Heart

Evolution of the Heart

Evolution of the Heart Bali Retreat


Island of the Gods!

THE RETREAT- Immerse yourself in 8 consecutive days focused on the beautiful and life-changing inner work of your heart in an island of nature’s heart opening and spiritual possibility.


Patricia & Bill Clum (EvolutionOfTheHeart.com) are creating a transformative retreat for 12 men and women. They have been supporting people transform their lives and realize their true hearts and potential for love for the past decade. As life-long spiritual practitioners and guides, Patricia and Bill facilitate retreats, conduct workshop events, and mentor and guide clients through one-on-one sessions. Joining  friend and colleague Victoria Simoneaux.

Victoria Simoneaux – Host & Manager of global retreats, India, Bali & Egypt.  Medical Intuitive, Health Practitioner, Quantum Vibrational Hypnosis Healer.  Her knowledge and interconnection as an international traveler and healer gives her the expertise to create & organize these beautiful, magnificent events. The practices and processes of this workshop support your evolving heart throughout the retreat experience. Through deep guidance, a profound opportunity is available for each participant to recognize the truth in their heart and to remember who they are. To know self and develop the relationship between you and your heart.

In this compassionate container of the retreat, this is done simply, powerfully and with clarity.

You will be invited to release the old and welcome the new:

  • Through dialogue
  • Language of the heart and mind
  • The unveiling of the protectors that influence your life
  • Letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Recognizing patterns that hold you back from giving or receiving love
  • Inquiring into your heart
  • Creating journal communication
  • Intentional silence & reflection
  • Guided active meditation
  • Breath & grounding
  • Gentle movement
  • Open to Forgiveness
  • Open to Gratitude
  • Open to Surrender
  • Heart Opening Therapeutic Yoga

The impact of the Retreat with people coming together in heart openings and truth is very potent, deeply supportive, and life-changing. There is a movement from a denser place to one of light and realization by the end of the retreat, and the process continues long after the opening. The shifts of perception will profoundly impact your life.  In the healing and transformation during the retreat , you will begin to experience Empathy, Vulnerability, Openness, Truth, and Healing.


Accommodations included at Nick’s Hidden Cottages on the Bisma hill with nightly jungle sunset views.

Walking distance form Ubud center, all restaurants, market & boutique shopping.

Private Rooms limited, on first serve basis & shared twin rooms.


Nick’s Spa & beauty center across the street.

2 vegetarian Meals a day included and all transportation to & from sacred site & beach tours.