Amazing Grace with the Dalai Lama

Amazing Grace with the Dalai Lama

Amazing Grace with the Dalai Lama

We were actually suppose to leave when the Dalai Lama was scheduled to speak & teach at his home & temple for 4 days.  Alas, Spirit wanted me to stay and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Yes, he tours in the US quite often but it is nothing like being in his home environment with all of his people, 5,000 Tibetans, Monks & foreigners altogether inside his Temple.images

4 days of teachings & trainings translated in all languages represented.  You dial into your language on these transistor radios.  It was awe-inspiring to get to see him up close & personal, He walked right by us and I could feel his sweet Essence exuding unconditional Love & compassion.  images (1)

Surrounding him where he sat were a sea of Monks filling the entire upper balcony with robes of red..

images (1)download (1)

I was down below and could only see him on the monitor. images (2)images (3)

He is so dedicated to his people. He is a Great Leader of such intelligence, education, experience & scholarly teachings with a beautiful sense of humor.  His smile & laughter exude his joy.   He has that twinkle & laughter like our good ole’ Saint Nick.  You just want to hug him.  He teaches about the discipline of Buddhism and how it will affect your life.  He uses reminders to help his peopel keep up their practices.  Mostly he teaches and gives life examples of Love & compassion. Always promoting giving, forgiveness & kindness. download

Of course I was really excited to hear his speech on Quantum Pysics. He was talking about all the scientists he has met in the world and what they are talking about these days.  He spoke about a  thousand year old religion of Buddhism & how scientist are now realizing & discovering some of the same principles through quantum physics.  How science & spirituality are merging into some of the same concepts from different points of view.  I really loved hearing that coming from him.  It was the Divine giving me more confirmation that my knowingness about quantum physics, the merkaba and my quest for Oneness is truly the right path for me.  images (4)All my experiences on this traveling nomadic journey kept showing me the diversity of the world.  A melting pot of different races, nationality mixtures, religions & philosophies all pieced together in the puzzle of Oneness.  I have chosen to ride the wave of Observer and Feel into each new experience as they come.  This gets you comfortable with shock n awe in some cases & accepting Change.  I continue to Surrender & Be grateful!!

I LOVE the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan people.  Through all of their loss, misery and displacement they have emerged from the ashes stronger & more devoted.  Still smiling through a heavy heart.   Their kindness prevails.   I will carry this Himalayan beauty and Tibetan influence with me always.  I know I have spent past lives as a Tibetan. It rings so true in my heart and this connection is so strong.  I will return!!!

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