Akashic DNA Activation

Akashic DNA Activation

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At present, humanity on Earth has 2-strands of DNA in the cells of the body. Light (information) that expresses through the medium of what we call consciousness and that consciousness is encoded within DNA. You will recalibrate your energetic being with theta brainwave hypnosis. The Akashic DNA Activation will download your Akashic records of the 12-strand heritage and your Divine blueprint.

Our galaxy, sun, and planet are shifting into more light and vibration. Everything in the Universe vibrates. It is with keeping in these cosmic changes of nature to vibrate in our natural state of Being and remembering our true Divine blueprint of the 12 Strands of DNA.

An awakening of a new paradigm of the evolution of the Divine Heart is taking place. Going with the growth of this new shift is a personal choice.  Understanding and learning about Akashic DNA Activation is an initial step to remembering your Divine Self and opening to the higher heart vibration.  This is a part of the Ascension process.

It is a theta brainwave quantum energy application that will re-train the brain back to source memory.  If you are attracted to this process, you are a Lightworker, Starseed, or Empath who is aware or unaware of their psychic gifts and full DNA potential.

When performing an Akashic DNA Activation, I first start with an ancestral & chakra purification. My DNA sessions are in 2 parts.  We must prepare the body, mind & emotions for the upgrade. Then the Lightbody Activation is a part of the Akashic DNA Upgrade. The light body is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links the multidimensional self with the infinite universe. It connects us to our encoded Akashic data through high electrical currents that assist us in translating and manifesting our hidden talents and soul purpose.

Divine Feminine

Lightbody DNA Activations are infusions of light that actually make changes in our physiology. These are tangible changes in our cellular structure that reorganizes the molecular structure, allowing the body to be less dense and freer to express itself with the source of the universe. In energy terms, it is indeed very abstract or intangible. Often, the energy works in ways where the conscious mind is unaware of the changes.

The material presented here is oriented toward a direct experience designed to realign the physical body and surrounding energy field with the new frequencies.  If one focuses their Intention on these contributing factors every day, then it will accelerate Genetic Shifts, including DNA/RNA Activation (Higher Strands coming online and physicalizing), Mitochondria Synthesis (Higher Light Absorption into cells), and Telomeric & Chromosome Repair (Longevity and Cellular Regeneration).

Let me explain in scientific terms.  The +/- polarities in light are comparable to the DNA-RNA, which could be described as the polarities of human consciousness. This is also the reason that human consciousness goes from light to dark. Through the 12-strand DNA Activation, 10 additional strands are activated in the body cells.

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The additional DNA strands are of magnetic, multi-dimensional nature and cannot be detected by present scientific equipment. It is assumed from testing and response that the changes initially occur in the etheric body. These additional DNA strands trigger the countless number of cellular activities necessary to change our dense physical carbon body into a physical-etheric crystalline body and change our energy fields.

Akashic DNA Lightbody

It is said that 97% of DNA is non-functioning. For numerous people with awakened consciousness, this dormant material is considered a living data storage containing the instruction sets for our greater human potential. What is coded within our secret vault is a potential so vast that it boggles the mind to think that something so profound could be so accessible.

Mainstream science refuses to acknowledge the multidimensional electromagnetic reality of the human body and DNA, thus blocking further scientific discovery of the nature of consciousness. Thus, the DNA chain called the double helix in science only represents the observable material portions of the chemical and electrical components of the surface of the DNA itself. DNA is a multidimensional consciousness phenomenon in which there are levels of DNA structure performing functions for the human genetic imprint which have not been detected with current technology.  Crick, Watson, and Franklin are credited with mapping the double helix structure formed by double-stranded molecules of DNA in 1953, and it is noted that not much further information about human DNA has been shared with the public since.

While it is accurate to say that much of humanity’s DNA has been unplugged, within the observable surface of the double helix there are multidimensional layers with many additional DNA strands which are designed to be reconnected. The DNA imprint in this material reality holds the potential for activating the 4th through the 12th DNA strands, but until science is freed, the scientific discovery and understanding of the multidimensional structure and function of human DNA and ascending consciousness is being thwarted.

Simply by shifting our perceptions, by coming into a new way to define our personal reality, we can override the carbon framework at the level of the nucleic acid bases in the DNA. Leading scientists are proving that genes and DNA do not control our biology; instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell. This includes the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

Diamond Crystalline Akashic DNA Activation

The bottom line here is that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our DNA. Positive shifts of perception and new feeling states trigger DNA activation. Moreover, when we consciously engage with the living intelligence of DNA, it gets majorly stimulated and starts pushing out the greater potential that is held within the latent code. Just as we are merely sequences of a four-letter code (ATCG), the basis of life is straightforward. We change and transform all the time. We are constantly redefining ourselves. From every one of these consciousness shifts, we are literally changing our code.

dna-activationBruce Lipton, Stem Cell Biologist is now at the forefront of the new science of epigenetics.  His breakthrough research and discoveries have bridged Quantum Physics with cell biology in the communication of DNA through mind and matter. We have the ability to change in the wink of an eye if we can truly grasp these ideas and start acting from the full knowledge of our higher capabilities.

Our DNA programs are like snakes shedding old skins; we are constantly releasing old encodings. These encodings are merely stored impressions that can be reprogrammed.  As we shift our perceptions, cell biology changes. Our vibration increases and the DNA base letters rearrange. BRUCE LIPTON VIDEO

Receiving the Akashic Lightbody DNA activations will resonate and respond to the initiation of a physiological process that mutates the very DNA itself. This healing and upgrade of vibration address the heart and the soul. All that is necessary is an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

There are two groups of people on the planet right now, the ones who are spiritually “Waking Up”, and the ones who are attached to their 3rd Dimensional Reality Consciousness – “Duality”. You are fortunately waking up if you are reading this. In order for you to wake up, you have to raise your vibratory rate considerably.

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For (In-lightenment) to happen the physical, mental, and emotional bodies get cleaned out so that the frequencies can go high enough for your Oversoul, and your Etheric Light Body (Divine God Self) to fully occupy your Temple (your body).  As this takes place, over time the density of the carbon-based physical body will transmute to crystalline light form.

Akashic DNA ACT of the Crystalline grid
Akashic DNA Activation of Crystalline Ascension Body


This process has not been easy for the Lightworkers here on Earth. We must prevail, it is the human destiny to become enlightened, and this is an enormous opportunity for our spiritual growth called Ascension.

There is much ignorance in this world now surfacing. It is part of this cleansing. We (the Awakening Ones) also have our share of ignorance as well. We are shedding ours, but we are experiencing it as it leaves. Our best way to cope with this process is to learn to detach ourselves from the emotions connecting us to the Process. We must learn to “Surrender to our Divine God Self’s Will,” and learn to “Allow”.

In becoming as Neutral as possible, mindful,  loving, and kind, knowing that the Universe truly does support us, we become free from all of our inherent Human fears.


One must always bear in mind that all of the trials and tribulations along the way are merely signs of progress. If you can keep this perspective, it will surely make things go much easier. It does not seem possible at times, with all of the burdens you must carry, but don’t give up when you are this close to the finish line.

Christ Consciousness DNA Activation

You have worked hard to get here, and you will certainly reap the rewards. The only way to ease the pain; gain landmarks and speed up your process is through consistent Energy Work.  Regular chakra balancing, daily practices, divine codes, and tools will assist you to relieve these hurdles, and greatly quicken your spiritual path in order to make it a sacred, and more pleasurable experience.

Today the energies that are coming through are at a much higher frequency than ever before on this planet, making it much easier to transmute the lower vibrations through Intention and Choice, which allows transition much faster and easier.

Everything on the planet is in great change. Electromagnetic currents are altering, the magnetic fields are shifting and many things are no longer being held down in their familiar place. We are getting unlocked!

Akashic DNA Activation of Remembrance

This brings tremendous change to the biological body and the entire structure of our DNA encodement. It is these additional strands of DNA that trigger the change of our total being into an Ascension Vehicle that will carry us into the fifth dimension. This is the reason I have said that DNA and RNA are communication systems. It would be as if DNA is the link to the Higher Self and the Soul and RNA would be the soul’s response.

Through this DNA upgrade process, awareness is brought into the consciousness, and Intention is set into motion. To strengthen the connection to your Higher Selves, new attributes will be employed. You are in the process of changing a critical part of the biology known to you as DNA. This new template allows you to walk in full unison with your Higher Self in every moment.  Integration of the Higher-Divine-Self into physical form. I refer to it as retraining the brain, heart, and mind, deleting old programs of limitation. Expanding your being into the unlimited field of possibility.  You are the integrated Creator of your hologram reality, remembering your Divinity and activating the White crystalline Diamond light of the Christ Consciousness at the 12 DNA Strand.

Akashic DNA Activation

This means activating our complete Akashic records for the 12-strand DNA blueprint, thus being able to change the angular rotation of particle spin within every particle and sub-atomic particle that makes up our bodies to be able to ascend to another dimension. Yet right now most of humanity has only 3 to 3.5 DNA strands activated allowing a maximum of 3 dimensions of consciousness. 

The reason for limited DNA activation is due to the fact that since pre-ancient history humanity has been exposed to excessive genetic manipulation and the energy fragmentations of the Earth’s grids have caused the remaining higher DNA strands to remain dormant.  This has kept humanity locked in dimensions 1-3 for thousands of years. Most humans have forgotten who they are as Co-Creators of reality, god-like beings with unlimited creative potential and multidimensional awareness.  We are returning to the higher realms from where we came. 

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  • Access Akashic records
  • Open the crystalline seals and switch on dormant DNA
  • Override limiting memory fields housed within the body.
  • Raise your vibration into the new bliss blueprint.          
  • Reprogram, rebalance and restore cell function.
  • Gain energy, clarity, and body alignment.  
  • Build stronger neurological circuitry to hold more light.
  • Bring forth unrealized psychic talents and abilities.
  • Crystallize the vibrational templates of higher evolution.
  • Improve manifestation of your preferred reality.
  • Open more channels for Higher Self embodiment                


I have been performing Akashic DNA Activations for 13 years when the information was downloaded before many heard about this technique.  As I have worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world and different cultures, I am consistently upgrading and improving the process as more information is received and downloaded. 

As the revolution of Collective Consciousness expands and increases during these Awakening times, we as a species receive more education and unveilings of quantum physics, quantum entanglement, and epigenetics.

Accessing Akashic DNA records


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Accessing Akashic DNA records