Akashic Blueprint Contracts and Record Clearings

Akashic Blueprint Contracts and Record Clearings

Akashic Records


The Akashic Records
(also known as) The Libraries of Akasha

The Earth is essentially a round magnet with a north and south pole. The electromagnetic field that runs between the north and south poles is called the “plenum” by your Earth scientists. However, unbeknownst to your Earth scientists, the Earth’s plenum contains a vast holographic electromagnetic library known as

Library of Akasha


“The Akashic Records.” Every action that has ever taken place on Earth (no matter how small or large) is perfectly and permanently recorded onto the electromagnetic grid of The Akashic Records. When the electromagnetic files of The Akashic Records are opened and activated, they produce a perfect 4-dimensional holograph of the event complete with sound, visuals, pausing, and zooming capabilities, much like your computer imaging software. The Akashic Records can be accessed and read by several means including Astral Travel, Remote Viewing, and Clairvoyance

The Halls of Amenti is a school, stargate, and cosmic energy vortex located in the exact center of the Earth on the Astral Plane.

In The Halls of Amenti, you will find a great assortment of Ascended Masters and Energy Beings teaching and tutoring rising Ascending Masters who have qualified for training in The Halls of Amenti. Amenti is also the supreme energy vortex of this planet and greatly sustains, upholds, and repairs the planet in every way. Students of Amenti are taught the ultimate mysteries of time, space, alchemy, and the nine dimensions.

Halls of Amenti

An unascended human could not enter The Halls of Amenti without being destroyed by the much higher vibrational frequency of Amenti. Thus, only the Highest of Ascending Humans can enter The Halls of Amenti and this serves as a perfect self-regulating device (which is no accident) self-regulating devices such as this exist throughout all worlds, times, planes, and dimensions of God’s Omniverse.

The last civilization to know about the Halls of Amenti and the Sphere of Amenti’s purpose for holding the morphogenetic imprint for the silicate matrix and evolution for all the angelic human tribes were the Egyptians, who carried this ancient knowledge after the grid networks and records were destroyed as a result of the Atlantian Cataclysm.


Inside the Halls of Amenti

The Halls of Amenti are a time portal passage that holds the race Blueprint field that would allow the fragmented Angelic Human souls to eventually re-evolve back into their original divine blueprint as a 12D Krystal being. The halls of Amenti are six-time portal passages that are dimensional pathways to leave this 3D Earth system. In these “Halls,” there are large bound holographic books with all of the hidden human history and where written historical records are kept. You can ask for guidance to the most pertinent information for you at this present time and read the book with your life mission and blueprint inside it. Not all of us will be granted access to the HALL, you must have earned it with sincere inquiry of your soul or past lifetimes of access that have demonstrated your purity to your soul purpose.

Conceptual or intellectual knowledge taken from linear methods, acquired through books or academics is not true knowing. Once direct knowing is experienced in our higher consciousness, it is a truth. It cannot be permanently erased or taken away from the core body blueprint or Akashic record of that individual.

During this planetary Ascension Cycle, humanity is ascending into higher consciousness but is descending the intelligent energy that exits within the Akashic blueprint of our higher identity. This is described as raising our frequency vibration, and as we learn how creation works, we connect to our higher consciousness or divinity to embody the purpose of our being into the physical vehicle. 

I studied Akashic Records in 2000 when I attended the Berkley Physics Institute established from the Prophecies and Teachings of Edgar Cayce.  I have used it over the years in different situations with clients but I didn’t use the access on a regular basis. for me, it’s all about Divine Timing and my inner guidance with Spirit.

This is my new addition to my Awakening Series of Purification which was initiated in 2009.
My 1st Sessions were Quantum Energy Clearings & Balancing of the chakras.
I then upgraded my education to Theta brainwave Hypnotherapy of Ancestral Distorted DNA  Lineage Purifications.
I was then Downloaded and introduced to a Pleadian 12-Strand DNA  Activation Process of Distortion Removal & Upgrade.
In July I, 2023, I Healed and completed a 7-yr cycle of a Global Vision Quest mixed with dark night soul unraveling and physical, and emotional residue along with several mind-ego deaths.  I was downloaded with Intense electricity and extreme Light for 7 nights without sleep. I was given new information From God/Creator Infinite Source of a new direction for my Divine Service of Assistance for Humanity’s Awakening and Earth’s Healing Ascension. Including this new form of Akashic Record Purification and Breaking Final Contracts.
I was told that Lightworkers are NOW READY to step into their Life Purpose and Souls Mission and to stop the persecuted Looping Programs of the MInd in this lifetime.
Memories of past and parallel lives have come through dreams and visions regularly, now showing me a review of much persecution programming from both sides of the polarity spectrum. I was both the Persecutor and the persecuted or Victim through my soul’s reincarnation journey.

Recently, I woke up early one morning with Babji ( an Ascended Master Avatar of the 4th lineage 203 BC Hinduism) who brought Kriya yoga to the world, was Jesus’s Master Teacher and eventually through Paramahansa Yogananda brought Kriya to the West in the 1940’s.  My first introduction was in 1970 when I became a Student of SRF Temple in Encinitas, Ca.  Here is a video of Babaji’shttps://youtu.be/oJD6H-ujnl0?si=OLXvWPeeIXyw-c2a    true history of Hinduism and Kriya Yoga.


So his beautiful 33 yr eternally youthful Face, appeared big and bold right on my 3rd eye screen.  How deeply honored I felt as a wave of deep Love and knowingness shot through my entire being.  His words pierced my consciousness “THE TIME IS NOW”!!  At first, I thought it was a message for a present client.  As the days unfolded and realizations flowed forth My Truth was revealed to Embody-ment of this Truth.

To now offer to those who are ready, willing, and able to choose to dedicate themselves to a disciplined Awakening Process so Lightworkers can now step into their Purpose and Souls Mission and experience their Presence of Joy while Assisting Humanity’s Awakening.

 It’s been a crazy whirlwind of Light integration and finally Healing the Wounded Healer Program we all carry to help others. I was living in a Conscious Community dedicated to supporting each other in our Awakening process without outer distractions. I experienced a Light-Body rebirthing that was unexplainable.
Consciousness is ever-expanding and so we continue to learn, grow, and expand as we live in a 3-D distorted Matrix but not OF this Matrix but from a Detached Observers perspective.  Yes, it can be very challenging at times to move through all the suffering, pain, and heartache but there are tools and processes to help ease the path.
As time goes by, we do forget the painful past as we start to Remember our Divinity and the Divine Plan that we chose to experience.
3-D Faulty Matrix

As we expand and unwind the soul’s evolution into Higher Consciousness, it becomes a  beautiful long adventure of AWAKENING every step of the way Creating from the Presence of Beingness.

This new Akashic Record Purification Process is very important, so I will be doing a reading on each person to ask Spirit if you have done enough trauma clearing to do this Process safely without a Detox crisis.  I will be Guiding and assisting you in the navigation of your own Awakening /Ascension Process.
We will be exploring Soul Psychology, moving from the pre-birth soul agreements, you make through to conception birthing, and the conditioning process you revert to cope and protect your wounds. As you have moved past egoic deficiencies into meeting soul needs… we will explore advanced spiritual growth principles and the steps and stages your consciousness moves through into holding an Avatar-Krystos/Cosmic Unity consciousness.
We start with Breaking, Deleting, and transmuting all 3-D Distorted Matrix/Illusionary Programs- We will test these Individually to see if you are still carrying frequencies from these Contracts or if you have naturally Healed them throughout your life in different spiritual modalities, teachings, and Healers you have worked with. Everyone is Magnificent and Unique, wired completely differently in body, mind, emotions, and Soul Light Body Hologram through an individual expression Aspect of Creator Infinite Source.
You will make a list of:
1. Full Name- Mother- Distorted Matriarchial Ancestral Lineage with DNA karmic damage & distortion
2. Full Names-Father-Distorted Patriarchial Ancestral Lineage with DNA karmic damage & distortion
3.  Full Names- Step parents, partners, parental figures in your life not connected to bloodlines, all siblings & half-siblings,
cousins, Uncles & aunts, or extended family members with a challenging relationship during your lifetime that never felt healed.
If you’re unsure, could you write them down and we will check if the contract has been released naturally & healed?
 You will be surprised!,
4. Full Names- childhood friends, crushes, exes, relationships. marriages, vows of partnership, roommates, authority figures, teachers, spiritual teachers and mentors, anybody within your lifetime that you felt the relationship was challenged, or triggering and not completely healed.
Awakening Rebirth
5.3-D Distorted Faulty Health Programs with physical dis-ease, imbalances & blockages of the subtle physical light body field.
Distorted Abuse Plug Removal Program and The 3-D Distorted DNA TRAUMA Program Contracts
6. List ALL Physical injuries, surgeries, illnesses, Dis-ease, and all ongoing pain, tension, and tightness, in your lifetime that we manifested in the body from the distorted DNA, emotions & mind.
7. Feel into & see if you can recognize Core Trauma issues that you still carry negative frequencies in your light body field.
These are distorted frequencies within the imbalanced Emotional Intelligence subtle light body field.-
ALL core issues that still hold neg. frequency-UNWORTHINESS, any ABUSE, (physical, emotional, mentally, verbally, spiritually & sexually)  ABANDONEMENT esp. separation from God or the Divine.  BETRAYAL  
Once we Locate the core issues we will then call forth all coping emotions & other extensions of emotional distortion-that we have manifested such as:
Shame, rage, inner child trauma, guilt. grief, loss, anger, martyrdom, addiction, mental illness or imbalances, disconnect from the mind or body, Blocked spiritual understanding or filters, Codependency, Narcissism or tendencies, selfishness, entitlement, insecurities, unempowerment, greed, control, Neg Ego mind, Pride, Psychological imbalances, lack, poverty, neediness, over-giving, feeling unsafe, extreme FEAR, lack of discipline, lack of will, resentment, frustration, deep HEART pain, mental stress and Mind Obsessing in looping causing indecision, confusion, insomnia, anxiety, depression & toxicity within the body & the light body field. Low self-esteem  & lacking confidence. blocked communication. Blocked or filtered communication with your Higher Self or Direct communication with God or Divine Creator Source, Universe/Hologram.
8. EMPATH RESCUER-People-Pleaser Program Contract- All Lightworkers, lightwarriors, starseeds, Indigos, and anyone who comes into this lifetime with the God-Spark to pursue their Spiritual journey of AWAKENING comes into this lifetime with this distorted program of wanting to FIX & heal their family, friends or become A healer, teacher, mentor etc. to HEAL the World. Remember it’s not literal, it’s an imbalanced frequency you carry within your entire field. Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit, causal Body, and astral field.
It carries people-pleasing tendencies, Ego Mind imbalances, martyrdom, survival /poverty, unempowerment,  and without boundaries  which draws to you what is called vampire energy siphons and sucks. People either recognize your LIght as you raise in Vibration towards Awakening, and want to heal outside of themselves through you or completely Trigger onto you from their Shadow being exposed in your Energy, Light, or Presence.
Balance, empowerment, and boundaries are part of our empath AWAKENING process.
9. Persecution Program Contract-all past and parallel lives Contract. We have all been persecuted and the persecutor in many past lives playing out the duality programs.
10.  Faulty 3-D Sexual Program Contract- this is based on Lust, distortion, confusion of gender & sexuality with conditioned romantic Love In the higher percentages of the global Collective consciousness of the 3-D Distorted matrix of marriage, relationships, friendships, working relations, and any human interaction and unhealed partnerships carrying unhealed trauma, shadow, past life trauma bonds and past life karma. (none of this is your fault- You came into this lifetime of a distorted matrix illusion of enslavement with a lineage of distorted DNA  Ancestry of much frequency trauma that was not inherently yours.
We are called to become our Authentic Selves stripping all false identities we have created to Cope and manage Survival, and life-imbalanced expression.
So together with a Compassionate Life Purpose of Assisting the Awakening of humanity in whatever expertise and life’s joy we choose to assist others -even one person at a time.  We must Master Self-Love individually through our inner guidance.  We share our experiences and awareness, not try to Heal, fix, or convince the other person to follow our journey. You still get to Choose Who you partner up with in this lifetime and what lessons are on your path. Sacred Union requires a Mutual frequency of dedication.
The transmutation and infusion of re-lating-ship are to take responsibility through vulnerability for all your shadow-self trauma.  Coming together in relating mindfulness of assisting one another in our individual healing through Non-judgement of Self and your person through Self-Forgiveness, acceptance and surrender into unconditional Love.  As you come into mutual frequencies of Consciousness Healing, eventually merging the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine into Oneness. You then have the opportunity of unlimited possibilities for Sacred Union through Divine Intimacy as you both Integrate the Sacred Divine Heart of God in service to the Divine Plan of Awakening.  The Divine plan of Awakening Humanity and assisting Earth’s Healing of a Higher Vibrational Dimensional Upgrade.
Sacred Union requires a Mutual vibration of dedication.  At this frequency, Sacred sex and sacred sensuality becomes higher vibrations of Divine Consciousness expression into an eventual merging of Oneness.
Deleting & transcending all old Akashic record programs and contracts, that no longer serve your highest good, stepping into
Creator consciousness of your reality is essential at this Higher Vibration and frequency.
This Akashic Purification Process will shift your perception, and clear old dense frequencies through Intention, Choice, and a breathwork Correction exercise and process. So if you have been on a spiritual path most of your life unwinding, shedding, and releasing unhealed trauma and shadow, experiencing personal ups and downs.  Not being able to overcome life challenges, creating from the subconscious mind frequencies of unhealed trauma and shadow, then you see this is your next step of Awakening.
So this is a preparation and activation of planting seeds within your awareness.  If you’ve realized that this life has become an ongoing looping cycle within the distorted Mind Programs. If you are NOW resonating with this advanced download of this transmuting and healing process to catapult you into CHOICE and INTENTION which is your Souls Divine Blueprint of BEINGNESS- joy, happiness, successful relationships, abundance, and prosperity, You can Now choose through a new expression.
This expression is an embodiment of Light, Unconditional LOVE, corrected Vibration, and frequency into EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS.
ARE YOU NOW ready, willing, and able to choose expanded Consciousness of Creating and creativity from the 0 point quantum-energy field of pure divinity consciousness – Unlimited Potential.
11. Fear Of Death program through implant in thymus gland-Removed & Contract released
12. Core Fear Matrix removal, Fear of the Unknown and Fear of transcendence Contracts
13.  Poverty/Survival Contracts
14.  Negative Ego Mind Contract
15.  Enslavement Programs
16.  Distorted Religious and spiritual Programs including distorted New Age Program- with Filtered & take-over mind control channelings
17. Mind Control & Hive Mind Parasitic Programs preventing connecting & accessing higher God MInd of Divine knowledge, Divine Intelligence of the Collective Oneness, Divine Wisdom
18. Distortion, enslavement, torture, abuse, war, killing/ all persecuted/ Culture programs w/Polarity Archetype thoughtforms-Identification: Victim/Victimizer,  Predator/Prey,  Master/Slave, Rich tyrant/Poor peasant, Famous (important, Entitled) Insignificant  Greater than/Lesser than
19. False Karma Identity programs
20.  False Karmic Genetic DNA damage
21. Patriarchial Domination Program
22. Distorted Feminist Trauma Program
23.  Alien Abduction trauma program with fear or phobia Trauma conscious ounconscious  memories
24. Pineal Gland implants and chemical damage
25. HIGHER Divine God Heart implant preventing full opening & awakening of the heart
References: Ascension Glossary- Lisa Renee, Dolores Cannon, Christof Melchizedek, Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings-Voyager Books
The Law of One