Akashic Blueprint Contracts and Record Clearings

Akashic Blueprint Contracts and Record Clearings

m Akashic Records


The Akashic Records
(also known as) The Libraries of Akasha/The Halls of Amenti

The Earth is essentially a toroidal magnetic field with a north and south pole. The electromagnetic field that runs between the north and south poles is called the “plenum” by your Earth scientists. However, unbeknownst to your Earth scientists, the Earth’s plenum contains a vast holographic electromagnetic library known as The Akashic Records.

Library of Akasha

To understand the“The Akashic Records.” Every action that has ever taken place on Earth (no matter how small or large) is perfectly and permanently recorded onto the electromagnetic grid of The Akashic Records.

When the electromagnetic files of The Akashic Records are opened and activated, they produce a perfect 4-dimensional holograph of the event complete with sound, visuals, pausing, and zooming capabilities, much like your computer imaging software. The Akashic Records can be accessed and read by several means including Astral Travel, Remote Viewing, and Clairvoyance.

The Halls of Amenti is a school, stargate, and cosmic energy vortex located in the exact center of the Earth on the Astral Plane.  There are many different viewpoints on where the “Halls of Amenti” are located. Some say within Inner Earth and others say beneath the pyramids. Also, the Higher Sources of the Soul’s blueprint are located on a movie screen like a computer in the Higher Realms of the 9th Dimension showing the entire Soul’s Evolutionary Journey when you have purified the entire Lightbody Hologram.

In The Halls of Amenti, you will find a great assortment of Ascended Masters, Akashic Gatekeepers, and Energy Beings teaching and tutoring who are qualified from 100% light for training in The Halls of Amenti.  Amenti is also the supreme energy vortex of this planet and greatly sustains, upholds, and repairs the planet in every way. Students of Amenti are taught the ultimate mysteries of time, space, alchemy, and the 12 dimensions.

Halls of Amenti

Thus only the Highest of Ascending Humans can enter The Halls of Amenti and this serves as a perfect self-regulating device (which is no accident)  the self-regulating devices such as this exist throughout all worlds, times, planes, and dimensions of the Divine Omniverse.

The last civilization to know about the Halls of Amenti and the Sphere of Amenti’s purpose for holding the morphogenetic imprint for the silicate Lightbody Hologram and evolution for all the angelic human tribes were the Egyptians, who carried this ancient knowledge after the grid networks and records were destroyed as a result of the Atlantian Cataclysm.

Inside the Halls of Amenti

The Halls of Amenti is a time portal passage that holds the race Blueprint field that would allow the fragmented Angelic Human souls to eventually re-evolve back into their Original Divine Blueprint as a 12D Krystal being. The halls of Amenti are six-time portal passages that are dimensional pathways to leave this 3D distorted Duality Earth system. In these “Halls,” there are large bound holographic books with all the hidden human history and where written historical records are kept.

You can ask for guidance to the most pertinent information for you at this present time and read the book with your Life Mission and Blueprint inside it. Not all of us will be granted access to the HALL, you must have earned it with the sincere inquiry of your Soul or Past Lifetimes of access that has demonstrated your purity to your Soul’s evolutionary purpose.

Conceptual or intellectual knowledge taken from linear methods, acquired through books or academics can be distorted information or half-truths. Once UNFILTERED direct knowing is experienced in our higher consciousness, it is an Inner Divine Truth connecting to our INNER DIVINE GUIDANCE chipping away, dissolving, and TRANSMUTING the FILTERS of the 3-D Corrupted and distorted Matrix.  It cannot be permanently erased or taken away from the Core Body Blueprint or Akashic Record of that individual.

What this experience brings forth for the advanced Lightworker is the  AWARENESS to observe the frequencies that are still vibrating at a lower level of attachment to the pain body, the light body quantum field of emotional intelligence, mental attachment to the NEG EGO MIND loop,  and the entire LIGHTBODY HOLOGRAM of our Multi-Dimensional Universal Soul’s Evolution as we are Divine Light Beings traversing back to our Original Blueprint of DIVINTY.  If you resonate with this process AND HEAR THE CALLING then you are READY to step into a new frequency of EMPOWERMENT.

During this planetary Ascension Cycle, humanity is ascending into a Higher Self Consciousness of Universal Divine knowledge, Your connection To your Divine Creator Truth, and Divine Wisdom within the Akashic blueprint of your higher identity will catapult you into a new recognition of your Soul’s Purpose and Mission to ASSIST in the overall enlightenment or Ascension of Lightworkers and Humanity, which also assists the upgrade of the New Golden Age of Aquarius, the New 5-D Sustainable Earth back to Heaven on Earth,  Our Organic Mother Nature/ Earth Gaia.

This is described as raising our frequency vibration, and as we learn how creation works, we connect to our higher consciousness or divinity to embody the purpose of our being into the physical vehicle.  A  video explaining vibration and frequency.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Pdv8sirR4

I studied Akashic Records in 2000 when I attended the Berkley Physic Institute established from the Prophecies and Teachings of Edgar Cayce.  I have used it over the years in different situations with clients, but I didn’t use the access regularly. For me, it’s all about Divine Timing and my Inner Guidance with my Inner Spirit.

This is my new addition to my Awakening Series of Purification which was initiated in 2009.
My 1st Sessions were Quantum Energy Clearings and Balancing of the Chakras.
I then upgraded my education to Theta brainwave Hypnotherapy of Ancestral Distorted DNA  Lineage Purifications and Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method.
I was then Downloaded and introduced to a Pleadian 12-Strand DNA  Activation Process. The Distortion Removal of the Lightbody etheric blocks, implants, and inserts preventing us from Upgrading and Awakening to our true Soul’s Blueprint within the corrupted Duality 3-D Matrix. 
Downloaded with Electrical Light
If you naturally hold the Light and the Spark of the Divine Within then you have been guided your entire Life by some kind of Inner Purpose, and have been in the confusion of this 3-D corrupted Matrix and Conditioned Human physical existence.  So as we move slowly towards this process of transcending this life of duality, false karmic identities, negative ego belief systems, and confusion about what is your Inner  Truth?
Akashic Download
In July 2023, I Healed and completed a 7-yr cycle of a Global Vision Quest mixed with dark night soul unraveling, physical and emotional Unhealed residue, along with several Ego-mind and pain body transitions.  I was downloaded with Intense electricity and extreme Light for 7 nights without sleep.  I was given direct channeled new information and downloads from the Divine Creator Eternal Source of a new direction And cycle for me.
I received my new expanded  Divine Service of Assistance for Humanity’s Awakening and Earth’s Healing Upgrade.  This included a new advanced Akashic Record Access and Purification of breaking old Contracts and Programs that we continue to manifest repeatedly. These are the programs that have been looping in the hamster wheel of our ongoing shadow work, childhood trauma, and trapped emotions for years or even a lifetime in some cases, that no longer serve our Highest Good and Divine Creator Selves.
I was told that Lightworkers are NOW READY to step into their Life Purpose and Souls Mission with the Transmuting of certain Duality programs. One deep program blocking the throat chakra is a Collective Duality Persecutor/Persecution Looping Program attached to the Victim/Victimizer of the Mind and trapped emotions of many karmic existences.
Memories of past and parallel lives have come through dreams and visions regularly, showing me a review of much Persecution programming from both sides of the polarity spectrum. I was both the Persecutor and the Persecuted or Victim through my soul’s entrapment reincarnation journey as all of us are in the distorted programmed Duality Labels of the 3-D Faulty Matrix.
Recently, I woke up early one morning with Babji ( an Ascended Master Avatar of the 4th lineage 203 BC Hinduism) who brought Kriya yoga to the world. He was Jesus’s Master Teacher and eventually through Paramahansa Yogananda brought Kriya to the West in the 1940s.  My first introduction was in 1970 when I became a Student of Self-Realization Foundation Temple in my hometown of Encinitas, CA.

Here is a video of Babaji’shttps://youtu.be/oJD6H-ujnl0?si=OLXvWPeeIXyw-c2a    true as we know- history of Hinduism and Kriya Yoga.


So his Ascended beautiful 33 yr eternally youthful Face, appeared big and bold right on my 3rd eye screen.  How deeply honored I felt as a wave of deep Love and knowingness shot through my entire being.  His words pierced my consciousness


As I Felt into this profound statement, the days unfolded and realizations were revealed to the Embod-y-ment of this TRUTH.  Now I notice the synchronicities of this statement are playing out everywhere, all of a sudden it now seems to be a Topic popular slogan for Lightworkers. How interesting!!! The Universal Oneness Mind at play!!  Like a Nike commercial slogan. haha!!  “THE TIME IS NOW.”

To now offer to those who are ready, willing, and able to choose to dedicate themselves to a disciplined Awakening Process so Lightworkers can now step into their Purpose and Souls Mission to experience their Presence of Joy, passion, excitement, and the flow of Abundance while Assisting Humanity’s Awakening which is their divine blueprint.

Rainbow Lightbody

It’s been a crazy whirlwind of Light Integration and finally Healing the Wounded Healer Program that all lightworkers carry to help others in over-giving without boundaries to the point of martyrdom ( another distorted religious belief system), also extensive people pleasing and thinking you are going to heal others through your body and healing abilities???  Most Healers who Heal others through their physical bodies experience energy loss after a healing session and some will experience being energized.  If you get energized, then you are wired to do so effectively and energetically. 

Divine Self

As the old New Age saying claims appropriately, “It is an INSIDE JOB.” No one can heal anyone else in this duality Matrix permanently unless maybe they are enlightened, few and far between.  We can only assist with experience, tools, processes, practices, life wisdom, self-enlightenment, and individual unfiltered Divine Guidance to share if the student is READY, WILLING, and ABLE to receive and do their OWN INNER PROCESS.

Many of us get stuck in what is called the “Savior Program.”  This is an ongoing pattern when we think something or someone outside of ourselves is going to have all the answers, save us in this inner chaos or stuckness, and HEAL US.

This last summer of 2023 I was living in a Conscious Community dedicated to supporting each other in our Awakening process without outer distractions. I experienced a Light-Body Awakening Rebirthing that was unexplainable. Later, in questioning my Mentors, I was told I experienced a Kundalini Activation.


Consciousness is ever-expanding, so we continue learning, growing, and expanding as we live in a 3-D distorted Matrix Simulation.  To live in the Matrix but not OF this Matrix is very tricky, but as we start to understand we must Let Go and transcend ALL JUDGEMENT  (because in essence, this is only SELF-JUGEMENT)  perpetuating Unworthiness (Personal and Collective Core Wounding) and Not Loving the Self completely.

So it is necessary to start with Mastering Self-Love and stepping into a Detached-Observer’s  and witness perspective which requires much effort, courage, strength, awareness, Intention, practice, and some kind of transmuting process. There are many modalities and techniques available especially Breathwork nowadays, a magnificent tool for transmuting the old programs, patterns, and false identities that keep us stuck and blocked.

Yes, it can be very challenging at times to move through all the suffering, pain, and heartache but there are tools and processes to help ease the path of AWAKENING and move into Creative Consciousness.  As time goes by, we do forget the painful past as we start to REMEMBER our Divinity and the Divine Plan that we CHOOSE to now experience.

3-D Faulty Matrix

As we expand and unwind the soul’s evolution into Higher Consciousness, it becomes a beautiful long adventure of AWAKENING deeper every step of the way Creating from the Presence of Beingness.

This new Akashic Record Purification Process has a very important role in our Ascension process. Everyone who works with the Akashic records receives or is trained in different ways. Remembering, everyone is Unique, and we all resonate with different Teachers and Light Carriers who share their individual downloads and experiential wisdom.  In this process, I will be doing a reading on each person to ask your Higher Self and Divine Guidance if you have done enough trauma clearing or Ancestral work to do this Process safely without a Detox Crisis.
I will be Guiding and Assisting you in the navigation of your own Awakening /Ascension Process.
We will be exploring Soul Psychology, moving from the pre-birth soul agreements you make through to conception birthing, and the conditioning process you revert to Coping and Protecting your wounds.  As you have moved past Egoic deficiencies into meeting soul needs… we will explore advanced spiritual growth principles and the steps and stages your consciousness moves through into holding an Avatar-Krystos/Cosmic Unity Consciousness on a Universal Multi-Dimensional level.
We start with Breaking, Deleting, and transmuting all 3-D Distorted Matrix/Illusionary Programs that you still carry in your frequency Ligthtbody auric field Hologram. We will test these Individually to see if you are still carrying frequencies from these Contracts or if you have naturally Healed them throughout your life in different spiritual modalities, teachings, and Healers you have worked with. Everyone is Magnificent and Unique, wired completely differently in body, mind, emotions, and the Soul’s Light Body Hologram through an individual expression Aspect of the Creator Eternal Source.
You will start by making a list of both sides of the Ancestral DNA lineage of the Father/Mother generational distortion and trauma. We continue to maintain and honor our Ancestors who bring Divine Wisdom and support to our lives.
Awakening Rebirth
We will remove 3-D Distorted DNA TRAUMA Program Contracts, and Wounded Inner Child Programs- which are manifested into the Pain Body Toxicity Program.  The Lightbody Toxicity Programs are all distorted frequencies within the imbalanced Causal, emotional intelligence, astral, mental and spiritual subtle light body fields. These will be transmuted through the breath within the sacred violet flame.
Next, we will check all core issues that still hold a negative personal frequency and Collective frequency.  Once we Locate the core issues we will then call forth all coping emotions, trapped emotions, and other extensions of emotional distortion that we have manifested within the body and the lightbody field.
EMPATH RESCUER/People-Pleaser/Over Giver Contract- All Lightworkers, Light Warriors, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbow children from different generations,  and anyone who comes into this lifetime with the God-Spark to pursue their Spiritual journey of AWAKENING.  These conditioned humans come into this lifetime with this conditioned program of wanting to FIX, Heal their families, friends, and become healers, teachers, martyrs, saviors, and gurus, to take on the burdens of HEALING the World.  This is the opposite of the imbalanced polarized Duality Program of the Narcissist/Service to Selfat. Both Programs run aspects, at different levels, and projections.  It’s never all or nothing. Balance and neutrality is the goal. Remember it’s not literal, it’s an imbalanced frequency you carry within your entire Lightbody field in different percentages and levels. These are the Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit, Causal Body, and Astral field of the entire Light-Body hologram.  I will assist you in aspiring to the Buddah’s teaching of the middle way or path that would be beneficial following from the Consciousness of the present moment.
ReBirthing 5-D Earth
The Akashic record purification is divided into 3-Sessions.
In the 1st Session, Within the Halls of Amenti library, we go through the Ancestral Distorted DNA Lineage programs clearing any frequency and residual still present in your field. I will send you a List description beforehand and we will go over which patterns. programs, people, and past situations are still charging or unhealed which show up within the lightbody field. From your previous reading, will go over all the generic Programs we carry in the Collective Mind and field.  This usually takes up to 2 hours.
In the 2nd Session, We will do the Purification Process within the Halls of Amenti, breaking and deleting the programs and contracts that no longer serve your Highest Good.  This entire process helps you to raise your vibration and frequency learning to better navigate through choice and Intention to operate from the Flow of Consciousness rather than riding the wave of random experience recycling through more unnecessary shadow you have already healed.
In the 3rd Session, we will revisit and finish up in the Akashic Library all the generic and individual programs and contracts that have shown up.
Toroidal Light-body fields
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