Victoria’s BIO

Victoria’s BIO

P1000596Victoria has been practicing, studying, and teaching natural healing, energy work, bodywork, and spirituality for over 30 years.  She is a multi-faceted Quantum Energy Healer and Educator whose global work has assisted many lives on the path of spiritual awakening and conscious transformation. Victoria was introduced to Transcendental Meditation at age 17 and then became a member of the Self Realization Fellowship. Practicing Kriya Yoga began her journey of Self-Healing and personal transformation as a Dynamic Alchemist Vibrational Medicine Intuitive Teacher and Trainer. She started working in the Medical Industry in 1974 and practiced for 9 years in pediatrics, orthopedics, hormone replacement therapy, and emergency services. She has combined her expertise and knowledge with Western Medicine and Holistic Practices towards an Integrative application of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit alignment. Victoria graduated from The Berkeley Psychic Institute/Order of the Ascended Rose as a Certified Spiritual Minister and Intuitive in 2003.  In her years in India from  2015-2017, she upgraded her skills and education to Theta Brain Entrainment Hypnotherapy clearing past trauma and Ancestral DNA distorted energy.  Trained in Buddhism in Mccleod Ganj, Daramshala Himalayas.
 Victoria’s 30 years of intensive professional training also includes the following accreditations:
  • 3 mo. Awareness Course- Mother/ Father/Inner Child/ Graduate-Center for Spiritual Advancement SD, CA.
  • 1995-Course in Miracles Studies- Marianne Williamson Teachings and Books1990’s Seth Channelings and Studies
  • Kabalah Mystical education and training at Kabalah Center, Solana Beach Ca.
  • 1990’s- Law of One Channelings and Studies- Ra Materials/ Law of One Materials Many Extensive Courses Online
  • 1990’s -Joseph Campbell-Mythology  The Heros Journey of Mythology, read all his books and studied his Course.
  • 1995-Dorothy Donohue-Love and Miracles Reiki Master Course Certification/Reiki Master/Quantum Vibrational Energy Practitioner
  • 2005-Online Coaching Practitioner Course-6 mo. Certified Life, Health & Spiritual Coach
  • 1995-Tarot Training at Builders of the Adytum Temple-L.A, Ca.
  • 1994-Gordon Sproul Feng Shui Certification Course Training-6 mo./Certified Feng Shui Consultant
  • 2011-Shamanic Prana & S. Grof Holotropic Breath Worker
  • 2012-Betse Bernstein-Massage of Thailand Certified 6 mo. Course/Certified Thai Massage Therapist
  • 1993-Graduate-Center for Spiritual Advancement San Diego, CA. 3 mo. Course Mother/Father Inner Child trauma release through Ascended Master Channeling
  • 2000-2003 The Berkeley Psychic Institute/Order of the Ascended Rose  Solana Beach, CA.-Prophet Edgar Cayce Teachings/Certified Spiritual Minister and Trainer
  • 2012-Shaman Training in Peru, Amazon-Children of the Sun/I AM Avatar Spiritual Advancement -Tiara Kumara
  • 2012-Divine Codes of the Reishi’s Training with Peruvian Shipibo Tribe Trained Shaman Christof Melchizedek
  • 2015-2017 Psychological Institute for Past Trauma with Ancestral Energy Healing in Bhagsu, India/Hindu teachings and Training through Chakra assessment with Hypnosis and Breathwork. Studied Ayurvedic health and applications while practicing panchakarma detox and Ayurvedic strict diet while living in McLeodganj.
  • 2015-2017-Spent 2 summers in Buddhist Training and Lessons in Dali Lamas Village of McLeodganj, Dharamshala. Course and training with Buddhist Rinpoche-Tenzin Gelek at Dip Tsechokling Monastery. Held a 7-day Retreat at the Monastery.
  • 2015=-2017 Spent 2 winters in southern India, Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu. The village of the Ashram and Arunachala caves of Ramana Maraeshi. Spent time learning and meditating in the caves with the spirit of Ramana. Lived facing Arunachala Mountain view and traveling through southern India.
  • 2018-2019 Held 3 Spiritual Retreats in Ubud and Uluwatu, Bali.
  • 2019-Teachings from Dolores Cannon-Theta Hypnosis Trauma Practitioner w/ Ancestral distorted DNA lineage. Training and Past Life Regression

Victoria is a Master Alchemist greatly influenced by Metaphysical and Esoteric understandings, Quantum physics, Hindu core teachings, Buddhist teachings and principles, Shamanic practices, Rishi Codes of Absolute Source & the Languages of Light taught by  Empowered by the teachings of some of the greatest spiritual Masters, Mentors, Master Teachers, and Shamans on the planet, she is devoted to her own spiritual evolution of Mastering the Body, Mind & Heart on her Souls evolutionary journey.

She has become a clear vessel to receive and apply the Krystos Consciousness Energy to assist others on their spiritual path. She is an Empathic Medical Intuitive who receives guidance from the Guardians of Light, the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, and now recently the Akashic Gatekeepers,and all Sentient Beings of 100% Light. She has Healed her wounded healer and the Empathic people pleaser/rescuer program as she now Follows her Divine Source Inner guidance without hesitation.  She is a visionary, empathic, and clairvoyant psychic on her Soul’s Divine Mission helping assist humanity in their Awakening and  Co-Creating the Ascension of Earth to 5-D Tara.

Victoria has also been a successful business owner and inventor, Wedding Consultant, Caterer, and Designer of the original neoprene cell phone cases, Incase, inc., specialty “Fun Shui Fountains,” and women’s fashions. She has practiced Ashtanga, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years and studied The Kabbalah. She is an advanced athlete at snow skiing, water skiing, and surfing, participating in many sports, and loves being enveloped in Mother Ocean & embraced by Mother Nature.


Her Shamanic training began in 2014 during which her time in Peru, the Amazon, and Macchu Picchu increased her awareness and Wisdom through plant medicines, environmental teachings, the Limitless DNA Divine Key Coding Program, and Languages of Light taught by: Peruvian Arashala Shipibo Tribal Shaman Christof Melchizedek.  There she experienced a huge transformation, diving deep into the dark night of the soul and being reborn into a new higher vibration and psychic expansion.  Below Video:  A journey through Machu Picchu.

In 2015-2017 Victoria traveled throughout India on her own spiritual journey and vision quest with an intention of expansion and surrender towards her goal of becoming a better healer and teacher following Spirit in total Trust. The region of McLeodganj, Dharamshala, is a very spiritual and healing Himalayan village. In the 1950s the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet over the Himalayas and landed in this area. This territory was given to the Tibetans through a treaty with India and became the home & Temple of the Dalai Lama supporting a Tibetan refugee village. Below Video: Victoria’s 1st Ad for her facilitated retreat in a Buddhist Monastery within the forest of the Himalayas.


Through referrals, Victoria began administering the Akashic Ancestral DNA Healings and her reputation excelled throughout Mcleodganj. She partnered up with a Local Hindu Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer and together they offered the Breath and Bowl Sound Workshops for western travelers and digital nomads seeking increased vibration and purification. News traveled fast, and through the grace of the Divine, the workshops and sessions became a huge success. She also attended the Psychological Institute for Past Trauma with Ancestral Energy Healing in Bhagsu India and proceeded to learn more about Ayurvedic Health and its applications.

In reflection, she feels through many Divine experiences and miracles she shifted once again, through an Ego-Death experience to the next level of expanded consciousness operating more from the Divine Higher Heart Connection. She continuously does her own inner work so that she can be a more clear and open vessel for the optimum healing of humanity, collective consciousness, and the planet.

Sadgurus Ashram/ Giant Bust of Shiva


Bali Retreat Group

Victoria resided in Bali, Indonesia since 2017 as a home base.  She has organized and held Sacred Inner work, yoga, and Sacred Site Spiritual Retreats for global clients.  She also continues her practice remotely to reach those who wish to awaken their hearts from all over the globe.

Sacred Healing Water Temple

She believes Spirit brings her those ready to plunge into their inner work. She has manifested her dream life and continues her service to the Divine.  Her belief system is Optimum Health, Eternal Youthfulness, and an unfolding path to Immortality or Ascension of the Light.

On a very personal note, in February 2020 Victoria returned for a visit to her hometown in California. Due to the pandemic, she was locked down and unable to return to Bali.  Her son, 36 yr, contracted COVID-19 and ended up in the hospital in NYC for a month.  He was fighting for his life with damaged lungs from vaping.  This experience was very traumatic and stressful, to say the least, yet she held the space of God’s Love, hope, and miracles to carry him through his near-death experience. She then flew to NYC to facilitate his rehabilitation for 3 months.  This experience was the ultimate test of Victoria’s Trust in the Divine.  To add to the trauma, while in NYC protesting, riots, and looting broke out causing total devastation to the city.  After her son was completely recovered she returned to California. Bali was closed until Oct. 2021. At the end of 2020, she moved to Sayulita, Mexico.  She continues her Healing work in Sayulita collaborating with other sound healers and Indigenous local Shamans. Administering her Trauma Purification work, Ancestral lineage  Healing & Akashic DNA Activation sessions.

She is also in collaboration with local sound healers offering her Holotropic Breath & Bowl Workshops.

Breath & Bowls
Breath and Bowls Ceremony

Victoria’s multi-faceted experience and knowledge, combined with her adventuresome and eternally youthful spirit bring to your healing session a reverence and desire for a full expression of life experience. Through her first-hand experience as a caregiver for Cancer and Alzheimer’s patients, she assisted in the death-transition process.  These experiences gave her the necessary insight and deep compassion for all levels of the human condition. She holds the intention to provide a completely safe, nurturing, and sacred space for clients to do their own healing.  She supports and teaches self-examination and self-healing providing all the tools and knowledge to increase self-empowerment and self-love. She stands in the integrity of her empowerment, knowing she brings through the Krystos Consciousness Energy of healing.  During a Quantum Energy Healing Session, Victoria employs many different Vibrational healing techniques such as:

  • Quantum Energy/Reiki/Healing Touch
  • Transformational Holotropic Breathwork
  • Medical Intuitive Clairvoyance with experience and  solutions for health issues
  • Aura/Chakra Web clearing & balancing
  • Morphogenic Field Infusions & Downloads
  • Therapeutic Emotional Release
  • Akashic Higher Heart Opening
  • Therapeutic Thai massage & acupressure
  • Lightbody Activations
  • Akashic DNA Activations & Encodings
  • Karmic & Cellular  Ancestral Purifications
  • DNA Lineage & Family Clearings-epigenetics
  • Remote Quantum Healing
  • Past-Life, parrallel life Visions and Regression Memories associated with Now issues
  • Light Codes and Energy Transference Downloads and Activations. Voice toning healing energies.

With the universal energies coming in stronger at this time, such as solar flares, solar winds. and solar waves, high vibrational Awakened beings can bring in many forms of light spheres, orbs & colors of light into the digital technology of pixel photos.  The photo above left was taken on a sacred site in Jerusalem with my Shaman, Christof Melchizedek, and his tribe.

Victoria has been spending the summer of 2023 in a Spiritually Conscious Community devoted and dedicated to supporting each other in Awakening.  Offering her Breath and Sound Healing Events in the onsite Yoga center Villa del Angel partnering with Keeley Brand.

In the Villa del Angel Community of serenity & inward devotion, Victoria experienced the ending of another 7-yr cycle of Purification. Experiencing a radical rebirthing bringing through intense Electrical body charges and pulses of Light for 7 days without sleep.  She is now experiencing an Integration process of learning how to remain in the flow of Conscious Creating from the 0point field of unlimited potentiality through ongoing Purification of the Universal multi-dimensional Light body hologram through vibration and frequency. Standing in Authenticity of Mastering Self, integrity, focus, clarity, and strength of purpose on Soul’s Divine Mission to Assist in the Awakening of Light Workers and the Conditioned Human towards Remembering Divinity or the Divine Human.

9/2023 Breath & Sound Healing Events




Downloading her new direction of 2 Advanced 8-week online Interactive Webinar Courses to be offered in 2024 with a Grand Finale of a Nile, Egypt Boat Tour, and Retreat. in Nov/2024.  She will be partnering with her 1st DNA Activation Mentor and Teacher from 2009. Christina Ritchie of Luxor Light has lived in Egypt for over 15 years, and channels the Ascended Masters, Twin Flame Mergings, and Teachings. She brings through Egyptian Light Codes and light language and the Way of the Cobra-Kundalini Rising Workshop and Activation. Those who resonate with this once-in-a-lifetime experience will receive The Ascension Codes from Christina that are blasting the Giza Pyramid with the Blue Flame Light of the Divine Mother energies from the planet Sirius. Launching the Flyer soon with all the details for the nile Boat River tour and retreat -Nov. 6, 2024.


This website is dedicated to all seekers of the Light who focus on the Mastership of Service to Self-Love and upgrading their vibration and frequency.


To bring Integration of Consciousness through Sirus merging with your Multidimensional Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle of Light.   This will expedite your Ascension Process.

When we truly inner-stand that the entire experience of Life, from beginning to end, is about serving others through the Cosmic Flame of Unconditional Love, we are on our way to becoming Unified with the Company of Heaven in the Co-creation of this magical tapestry of Life.


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