Come, experience deepening your consciousness as we expand into the higher dimensions.  Each person will experience their own individual Transformation, Epiphany’s and Blissfull experience of connection to Divine Source Energy.   I will  be guiding your breath with pranic breathing techniques on a journey of new higher vibrational music and harmonics while our “goddess of the bowls” (Etoile alias Ruby) will be sharing the healing frequencies of the Tibetan Bowls on your chakras.

Experience Soul Purification

dnastarSunday  5pm
Led by Victoria Simoneaux  

Etoile Presnell – Goddess of the Bowls

We will be lying on the floor so bring sufficient padding for comfort. 
Blankets, pillows & whatever you need for warmth & comfort.
Please bring your own water bottle.

NO Heart is turned away -WE Support AWAKENING!


Testimonials from previous Workshops

The Bowl/Breath Mediation was profoundly deep for me, staying with the breath for close to 45 minutes and having the sound vibrations resound, deep into  my being, seemed to shake lose a number of unresolved emotions, so the experience was not an easy one for about a week, but I know I did a lot of clearing and with Victoria’s and Bill’s support through this period was very comforting and understanding – THANKS,  Alex Marshwood
 “I felt like I was being touched by Angels….so peaceful and grounding…..such a delicious healing experience – thank you Victoria & Etoile”
Kristine Catalina, Author
“Man Woman Relationships Made Easy”
 “The vibrations of the bowls with my spirit was truly amazing”  Brian Phillip 
 The evening of new vibrations and the kundalini practices were truly unique.  The vibrations of change and upliftment were very special indeed.  The pranic breathing and the sacred bowls which included healing, in your sacred place, made for all of us a place of  DIVINE acceptance of light and love. It was a special and beautiful night – of SPIRIT and healing.  Thank you Victoria, Etoile and Spirit – for the endless love we all felt.  Blessings – Halina
 “Third Eye was opened wide….amazing experience…I was concerned with the focus on breathing but fell right in to the rhythm of it…when do we do it again?”          Vince Moroney