2025 EGYPT-Lightworkers Soul’s Mission Activation Retreat

2025 EGYPT-Lightworkers Soul’s Mission Activation Retreat

                                                                                                                                                                              Sacred Nile and Giza Retreat                                                                                   

January 9, 2025

Welcome to Magical Egypt, the Stargate to Heaven on Earth. This will be a Retreat of Remembering Your Soul’s Blueprint. This is a Divine Creator Source calling for an intimate Tribal Soul family who are ready, willing, and able to Activate your Soul’s New Earth Higher Dimensional Mission.  You will have inner KOWINGNESS if you are ready to Rebirth into a Higher Calling.   An Immersiam of 11 days of Expansion and Integration.

Our Star Facilitator; Christina Ritchie, an 18 yr. Veteran of Egyptian Residency will lead us on the 7-night Luxor Nile Boat Tour called the Sacred Lotus.  She will be guiding us through the ancient mystical history of each Sacred site and temple on the Nile. Each site carries a different theme, and she will channel the present downloads, light language, and codes of higher consciousness brought through by the different Pharaohs, Kings and Queens, Priests, and High Priestesses before each day.  This will Activate each of you uniquely on your individual journey of Mastery into Ascension.  We will also be anchoring the Divine Masculine and Feminine merging energies to align with your chakras and the represented sacred site chakras.

Our supportive team Victori Simoneaux, Kyrstalinh Magick, and Dora Luce will be deeply nourishing, and assisting you with your body, mind/heart infusion, and soul processes during these transformational integrations.  After our Sacred Nile Tour, we will fly back to Cairo to be nourished in a Luxury Villa to experience the Giza/Sphinx Tour.  We will also have your choice of daily stretching or yin/restorative yoga, sensual or ecstatic expression dance, breathwork, guided meditations, breathwork, past life regression of parallel lives in Egypt, Cacao/Egyptian blue lotus ceremonies, and extravagant Cairo Marketplace shopping.  This will be a Magnificent Life-Changing Expansion and Upgrade!



DAY 1  January 9 – Arrival in Cairo, 7 pm Opening Dinner and Sensual Dancing, Lead by Krystalinh Majik

DAY 2  January 10-Flight to Luxor, Luxor Represents the Solar Plexus Chakra transcending to the Heart Chakra Boarding the Sacred Lotus Dahabiya Nile Tour, Receive Encodings and Activations from the Valley of the Kings,               Afterwards Sail to Quena

Hathor Temple

DAY 3  January 11– Bus to Dendara/Temple of Hathor, which Represents the Higher Sacred Heart or Thymus  Chakra,    Sailing back to Luxor.

DAY 4  January 12- Visiting Luxor Temple and Karnak,  Afterwards Sailing to Esna 

Esna Temple

DAY 5   January 13- Sailing through Esna Lock to Esna Temple, Afterwards Sailing to Edfu

DAY 6   January 14- Visit Edfu Temple, Sailing to and Visit Silsia,                                                                                           Afterwards Sailing to Kom Ombo

Karnak Temple

DAY 7  January 15- Visiting Kom Omb Temple, Represents the Sacral Chakra, Afterwards Sailing to Aswan.    

DAY 8  January 16-  Visit Philae Temple, which Represents the Omega Chakra and Temple of Isis, the Base Chakra.                      Closing Ceremony-Cacao Blue Lotus Tea on Sacred Lotus.

Silsia Temple

DAY 9   January 17- Flight back to Cairo, R&R in Villa, Evening Meditation Breathwork Circle,                                    Egyptian and Past Life Regression

Isis Temple

DAY 10  January 18- Visiting Giza Pyramid and Sphinx Tour

DAY  11  January  19– Largest Egyptian Marketplace Exploration and Shopping

Kom Ombu Temple

January 20Flight Cairo Airport to Home


Giza and Sphinx