Climbing Arunachala-The Mountain of Light

Today we are finally climbing the mountain.  Sanjay’s housekeeper’s daughter has been a good friend & god-daughter for the last 3 yrs.  Aruna Devi came to visit for 3 days & she took me on the local tour of all her childhood days.   She grew up in this sacred energy and played on the … Read more

Sacred Ground-Tiruvannamalia, Tamil Nadu

WELCOME TO ARUNACHALA  TIRUVANNAMALIA After the heart opening with Meyer Baba it was time to move on down south to Sanjay’s Home.  We took another taxi referred by the ashram to the city of Pune.  Osho’s Ashram was located there but unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit before we caught the train.  I heard … Read more

Meyer Baba’s Ashram-Amendaghar

We left Delhi on a 2-day Train to Amendaghar near to Pune.  We decided to break up the trip to the south and Thank God we did.   4 days on a train would be way too much.  Its important to bring your own food on the train if you want to eat. Train food in … Read more

3rd Times A Charm!

On the train back to Delhi for the 3rd time. I decided since my first visit into Delhi was culture shock & the 2nd visit was strictly errands & business, that we should see the beauty of Delhi & stay in a nicer area.  Besides my new Girlfriend lives in the nicest area I had … Read more

Golden Temple of Amritsar

imageSo we took a 5-hr taxi ride down the maountain towards the west coast of northern India near to Pakistan.  I can truly say that Amritsar is the Land of the Sikhs.  It is part of the state of the Punjab which is what’s left of a vast empire. The punjab is one of the most fertile lands in India and produces much agriculture.  The Sikhs are a very productive people and come from 500 years of rising out of the persecution, torture, wars and conflict of the Hindus & the Muslims. From the little knowledge I had of the Golden Temple & Amritsar, I had this image painted of my own expectations. Having taken Kundalini yoga for 4 years & being exposed to some Sikh information, I realize now I was totally uninformed.   Boy was I surprised when we entered Amritsar!!

First let me explain,  After visiting the small town of Agra where the Taj Mahal resides, I just pictured Amritsar an ancient old small town.  I imagined that I would see the Golden Temple off in the distance overlooking the entire valley.  Everyone kept telling me it’s not very big but very old???

So when we entered this giant city with tall buidings that block any view in front of you, I was quite shocked.  Lots of traffic; a smelley, filthy dirty city and we couldnt find the Golden Temple.  We got lost because our driver was from Dharmsala up in the mountains and not familiar with the area. Every one we asked for directions to the Golden Temple kept sending us on wild excursions.  Nobody in the city even knew where this Golden Temple was??  My dream illionsion was so shattered and after just spending 5-weeks in the heavenly himalayas this was quite the shocker.  When we got to the hotel that we supposedly had reservations, they wouldnt take us for some unknown reason we still cant figure out.  Some kind of prejudice.

It always pays to have connections in India and all Indians have a brother, friend, relative or somebody they can call for you!! $$$$    If you get a nice, good driver, you always take their number for future reference and boy does it pay off.  So luckily, we had a great driver I had gotten through a connection in McLoud and he had a friend driver who lived in Amritsar.  So he showed up and got us into his Hotel connection right in front of the Golden Temple.  Of course you couldn’t see the Golden Temple from the outside because it has very high walls surrounding it.  So that night we ventured to the walled city of the Golden Temple.

image image image

  • The best pictures taken are at night because of the lights.  Everyone has to wear head & leg coverings.  We were lucky again to experience the night closing ceremonies.

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