Re-Uniting in Delhi

Back to the chaos of the city. This time we got to do more exploring. The computer turned into a delayed nightmare situation that had us stay in Delhi for a week. Ug!!  The positive side of all our frustrations was the timing ended up being perfect to meet up with my Soul Bro from … Read more

Krishna’s Hometown

A 2-hr taxi ride to Vrindavan through floods on the road that you can see in the photos.  A traffic jam of cars, donkeys, pulling carts, rickshaws all fighting to go through the flood waters one by one while the kids are playing in it!! That just makes you want to go ewwwww!!!   Filthy … Read more

The Taj Mahal Experience

So we hopped a rickshaw or Tuk Tuk to the gates of the Taj Majal.  We went early to beat the crowds but still some crowds.  You walk through the main gate into a beautiful open garden area with the long pond you see in the pictures that leads up to the the Taj  The … Read more

The ride to Agra

First I must tell you about the driving in India. Which is a trip in itself.  In any 3rd world country you have the crazy chaotic drivers zipping around like mad men.  Always holding on & praying for your life.  Then after you have been in the experience for awhile it becomes nothing and you … Read more

Culture Shock in Delhi

Delhi is a HOT big dirty city with too many people crammed into small spaces, horrendous traffic and signs of the worst poverty you have ever seen.  The good side is you can find whatever you need here to further your travels.  It was our stopover to get organized and rest off the jet lag.  … Read more